22 Visions for Tomorrow

Half a year has passed since the celebration of the TOTEM LIVE 22 interviews. After crossing the halfway point of the year, in these 6 months many things have happened, many that were discussed, many that were not discussed, many that have been confirmed, many that are in the process of being confirmed, many incredible topics such as the geopolitical transformation of the world, the threats of silent pandemics such as loneliness, the issue of fake news, diversity, tolerance.

It is a treasure to be able to see these talks with visions sharing insights and revealing trends with our incredible guests, people with many sensitivities, fields of expertise, all in common sharing a great capacity for leadership, analysis, reflection and with a great generosity to share their thoughts and ideas. If you feel like getting ahead of what may happen in the next 6 months and beyond, nothing like watching them again if you have already seen them, or watching them for the first time if you haven’t yet, these extraordinary testimonials from these extraordinary people.

Each #TOTEMlive has been a true gift to the mind and heart. In these times of pause, reflection, balance and connection, be sure to enjoy each of these conversations with these fantastic people.

There are 6 months to go. Are you going to miss the vision and insights of these great thinking minds? Don’t miss these 22 chapters of TOTEM Live 2022. Break down what’s coming. Because no one can take away our hope for a better tomorrow, and many can help us build a better tomorrow.

To see all the interviews: https://www.youtube.com/c/AndyStalman/videos

Once again, heartfelt thanks to all the participants who gave us the gift of their valuable time to inspire, excite, entertain, connect, teach and motivate us.

Kemmy Almengor Beatriz Escudero Rubio Ana Isabel Iglesias Sebastian Fernandez de Lara Felipe Stalman Rueda Freddy Jana Ulises Morales-Plaza Jon Black Toni Malagás Enrique Colilles Cascallar Paola Aldaz Biere Juanjo fraile Javier Parra Gómez-Acebo Esmeralda Perez Marta García-Valenzuela Federico Palacios Jordi Crespo Cristina Quiñones Davila Camilo Herrera Carlos Casares