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We bring our knowledge and experience together in a collaborative working environment, ensuring our clients get the full benefit of working with our business founders.

Creating and transforming brands.

Our partners are some of the most experienced brand consultants in the world.
We are a collective of skilled, global, passionate brand strategists, market insights, innovative and creatives.
We are independently minded and independently owned. This allows us to focus directly on our clients and their needs. Our clients are our partners, their success is our goal.
We believe great design and powerful brand strategy can transform businesses by delivering transformative experiences.


Andy is one of the world’s leading branding experts. With more than 25 years of experience, he has developed projects on five continents. His talent and charisma as well as his work and influence in the world of brands have led Andy to be known globally as ‘Mr. Branding’.

Andy is the author of the bestseller ‘BrandOffOn. Branding the Future’, considered one of the most influential books of the 21st century. He published his second sucessful book ‘HumanOffOn: Is Internet changing us as human beings?”’. In 2020 he publishes “TOTEM: Transforming customers into believers.”

He is a visiting professor at prestigious business schools and a consultant for companies around the globe. Andy is a regular speaker at branding and business events across the world.


Graham is one of the world’s most sought after brand consultants. He has 25 years of experience working on major brands at a global and local level.

A nomad at heart originally from the UK, Graham has worked extensively in Europe, America and Asia. Currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Graham heads our global creative team, bringing unparralled experience across a broad range of industries and is responsible for ensuring the high quality delivery of TOTEM’s strategy and creative work.

He has a passion for developing ideas which succeed through simplicity, contrast and business effectiveness.


Over the past 15 years, Gema has been the driving force behind more than a hundred branding projects in Europe and Latin America. With a deep knowledge and experience in brand management, creative processes as well as experience in finding solutions and deploying the brand identity system.

The multidisciplinary quality of her career, allows Gema a very comprehensive vision in the creative and strategic processes, complemented with experience in dealing with both domestic and international customers.

Gema is extremely dedicated, and her clients see her as an integral partner in their design launches.


Lisa is the Manager of TOTEM Branding Scandinavia and has been actively working within the retail, hospitality, commercial and real estate industries for over 25 years on an international level. Lisa herself is one of the top specialists in food & beverage.

She comes from Australia, and resides in Sweden, where she moved in 2001, and since then, she has been working with global clients on the concept and strategy development, also helping to build and train organizations and teams, whilst also a public speaker and lecturer.

Copenhagen International, Inter Ikea Center Group as well as her own company gave her a strong background on new trends, business development, market insights and how to build the future of the marketplace. And she is also committed with professional women organizations, gender equality, economic & career competence and sustainability issues.


As a TOTEM Innovation Partner, Sebastián has been in the digital business for more than 15 years. He is an expert creating innovation programs for global corporations. In the last years Sebastian has done innovation and intrapreneurship programs for Toyota Connected, PSA Group, Merlin Properties, Vukile and The Thais Group among many others.

Launched and fundraised +€20M for IMPACT Accelerator for ISDI, among the world’s most active accelerators in Europe. Accelerating +100 startups in robotics, proptech, content, foodtech and mobility.

Entrepreneur, Strategist, and Open Innovation Expert, he has a large experience as a co-founder and CEO of different startups in digital marketing, education and content and also advises several startups and innovation hubs in retail, real estate, energy, and automation.


Customer obsessed, Mercedes has developed a combination of deep IT, digital and commercial expertise and has an extensive career in global companies leading digital transformations and innovation. Spending 18 years at Ikea in a variety of global roles, among others as head of IKEA.com pioneering the digital transformation of the company, followed by digital director at Clarks in UK, Mercedes is now highly sought after as a Digital Advisor, NED and Speaker.

She is highly motivated to make a sustainable difference for people and organisations by using the combination of high collaborative and inspirational leadership style with business and technical skills. During the course of her career, she had the great opportunity to pioneer game changers methods and technology trends.

Delivering powerful brand experiences.

The Totem Brand Story

Humanising brands is at the core of our purpose.
The world that brands live in is rapidly changing. It is more important than ever for brands to innovate, engage and build loyalty with their audiences. Building a sense of connection, pride and belonging is at the core of what we do.

We are committed to working consciously with the global SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals)



We believe collaborative engagement yields the best outcomes. Our proven processes are tailored to individual client needs.

Brand analysis

Strategy & Positioning

Brand identity

Brand architecture

Brand portfolio

Brand guardianship

Naming & Verbal Identity

Brand guidance

Brand implementation

Staff engagement

Brand Culture

Customer Journey/Experience

Branded environments

Brand Language

Signage and wayfinding

Product Identity


Sustainability advocates

Future Mapping

Innovation Culture

Digital branding

360° Branding



TOTEM Limitless®

TOTEM Together®

Bringing brands to life

Limitless Innovation is a powerful insight tool to generate future focused innovative thinking, in your team.

We believe that an innovation mindset is a mandatory
transformative skill for every company in order to be
competitive in the highly complex presence of the tech era.
Our mission is to help organizations to boost
their capability to adapt to rapid change,
and to adopt innovation.

Great employee experience will generate great
customer experience.
Great customer experience will generate
great business results.