At TOTEM Branding we believe in the fundamental importance of knowledge and sharing it. Knowledge acquired in the real world, in the market, in the trenches of the front line of the creation, construction or transformation of brands. Sharing is knowledge, sharing creates community, sharing makes growth.

We share branding insights as a tool for positive transformation.
We believe our job and commitment is to improve the world of brands today and for those who will come after. Building a sense of connection, pride and belonging is at the core of what we do. One of the goals of this Blog is precisely to share.

Thank you

End of month 7, before going on vacation, we believe that in this challenging year, we are in an excellent moment to take stock, analyze, compare, evaluate, reorganize, plan and above all, be grateful. Being grateful is essential to fully appreciate and enjoy life. Being thankful for who we are, what we have achieved, what […]

It’s a good time to review what we accomplished together

Does time fly? They say that time passes faster when you are entertained and busy. “Time is not gold, gold is not worth anything. Time is life” said the wise José Luis Sampedro. At TOTEM Branding we want to celebrate living time by dedicating it to our passion: creating brands that unite people and generate […]

22 Visions for Tomorrow

Half a year has passed since the celebration of the TOTEM LIVE 22 interviews. After crossing the halfway point of the year, in these 6 months many things have happened, many that were discussed, many that were not discussed, many that have been confirmed, many that are in the process of being confirmed, many incredible […]

Sharing Knowledge for a Positive Transformation

For brands and for people it is time to understand that the important thing is not to try to be important but to do things that matter. At TOTEM we are proud to have developed the first branding MOOC for the World Tourism Organization Academy. Promoting growth, knowledge and positive transformation through online education. The […]

Social Networks: Do you use them or do they use you?

What is the point of a brand having a presence in social networks if it is not used to interact, offer better attention, service or customer experience? At TOTEM we know the potential of social networks for branding. Your actions communicate much more than your publications on social networks. But thanks to the networks your […]

TROPS, the best agricultural cooperative of Spain

All of us in the TOTEM Branding team are very happy that TROPS has received the Cooperative of the Year 2022 award, within the VII edition of the Awards organized by Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España, which aims to disseminate the values of Spanish cooperatives. The jury of the awards has chosen “unanimously” TROPS as the […]

The challenge of making the consumer fall in love

Falling in love with the consumer is one of the great objectives of all brands. At TOTEM Branding we are proud to have been invited to share the opening conference of the VII Pork Forum “Enamorando al consumidor” organized by the Interprofesional del Porcino de Capa Blanca (INTERPORC). This event of reference brings together more […]

Celebrating happiness today & every day

This is the week of Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year, but since when do we have to be told what the happiest day is? Everyone experiences their happiest day differently, at different times. It seems that the selection of the date of Yellow Day, according to psychologists and meteorologists, is scientifically based […]

Campofrío Frescos & TOTEM together for Sustainability

We have the opportunity to change the mindset of both brands and consumers. Being sustainable means being responsible with new generations, fostering healthy social relationships and avoiding damaging resources that have taken centuries to form. Creating a positive impact, not only environmentally, but economically and socially as well. Sustainability in the business world, therefore, refers […]

Lagoh, best largest Shopping Center of Spain

We are very happy to share that one of TOTEM’s most important projects, Lagoh, has received last night the 2022 award for “Best Large Shopping Center in Spain”, given by the Spanish Association of Shopping Centers and Commercial Parks. A great brand for a great city. An extraordinary project needed extraordinary branding. The challenge for […]