At TOTEM Branding we believe in the fundamental importance of knowledge and sharing it. Knowledge acquired in the real world, in the market, in the trenches of the front line of the creation, construction or transformation of brands. Sharing is knowledge, sharing creates community, sharing makes growth.

We share branding insights as a tool for positive transformation.
We believe our job and commitment is to improve the world of brands today and for those who will come after. Building a sense of connection, pride and belonging is at the core of what we do. One of the goals of this Blog is precisely to share.

Super Team TOTEM

At TOTEM Branding, we are inspired by superheroes, not because of their capes and powers, but because of their bravery and ability to join forces for the common good. Our team is like a league of superheroes, each with unique superpowers that, combined, create a higher power to shape the future of branding. Whether unleashing […]

Transforming the World, One Brand at a Time, with Projects Across the 5 Continents

We want to highlight that in the multitudinous world of brand creation, TOTEM Branding stands out as a benchmark for innovation, creativity and excellence, through the media, clients, colleagues, community, etc. With projects developed on five continents and more than 40 years of combined experience, we not only create and transform brands, but also connect […]

Tourism Challenges 2024

With the arrival of summer and vacations, rest and renewal are essential to be prepared for the constant challenges that the world poses us every day. And we can say that the world of tourism is an essential activity and market particularly in this part of the year. The future of tourism is full of […]

Branding, Love & Sports

What an incredible moment we are living in! In the midst of the quarterfinals of the Copa América and the Euro Cup, and with the Olympic Games just around the corner, it is impossible not to feel how sport excites us, unites us and inspires us to be better. This is a time of passion, […]

Culture & Continuous Development

The only way to grow an organization is to grow its people. Leading with purpose, vision and action helps elevate your company to new heights. In this context, upskilling and reskilling can help transform your company and brand to better reach the future. A future in which change and uncertainty will be the only constants, […]

Un propósito y Millones de Alumnos

TOTEM Live se ha consolidado como un espacio de entrevistas muy inspirador, no solo para los extraordinarios invitados que comparten sus experiencias y visiones, sino también para la comunidad que nos acompaña episodio tras episodio. Juntos, estamos disfrutando de esta cuarta temporada, donde seguimos explorando temas de relevancia para el futuro y el presente, desde […]

Razones para no perderse TOTEM Live

La temporada 4 de TOTEM Live sigue dando que hablar, tras notables episodos con Alejandra Ravera, Isa Q, Magaly Regalado, Mariano Castro, Sonia Acosta, Sergio Gajardo, Edgardo Regatky, Pilar Montero, Ander Torinos, Álvaro Regueira, Jacqueline Mora, Laureano Turienzo, David Calle, Lolo Garner, Mateo Salvatto, César Val, Mariano Braga y Nataly Londoño, episodios imperdibles como los […]

Andy Stalman: “Las marcas que quieran llegar antes y mejor tienen que incorporar la IA”

El argentino Andy Stalman es uno de los mayores expertos de marcas del mundo, con más de 30 años de experiencia y conocido mundialmente como Mr Branding, y será uno de los platos fuertes de la 6ª edición del Congreso Flúor celebraro en Pontevedra. Leer Noticia Completa

Claves para Destacar en el Retail

TOTEM Live no es solo un espacio de entrevistas, es un punto de encuentro para mentes curiosas y corazones apasionados. En esta 4ta. temporada, seguimos explorando temas que importan, desde el retail, el futuro del trabajo y la educación hasta la innovación sostenible y el impacto social. Nuestros invitados, líderes en sus respectivos campos, comparten […]

Retail, a Pillar of Society

Retail, the Living Soul of Our Communities. Imagine a world without stores, without large shopping malls and local markets. It would be a world without the bustle and energy that makes us feel connected and alive. Retail is much more than just a point of sale; it is the vibrant pulse that keeps our communities […]