Branding & the Triumph of Passion

The magic was in the night in Qatar. A script that not even Netflix would have dreamed of for a World Cup Final. An explosion of joy for the Argentine National Team, which won its third star in a long-suffering and well-deserved way.

A movie final in which nothing was missing, the joy, the anguish, the tension, the silence, the explosion of the throats, the infinite embrace, the drama and the happiness.

Argentina has just been crowned as the 2022 World Cup Champion. For many the best final of all time.

It was finally given to Lionel Messi, who also surpassed Lothar Matthäus as the player with the most matches in the history of World Cups. He became Argentina’s all-time top scorer in World Cups, surpassing Gabriel Batistuta’s record.

He is the first Argentine player to play in five World Cups, surpassing none other than Diego Armando Maradona in the number of World Cup matches as captain of the Argentine national team.

Messi, with 11 goals and 9 assists, is the record player in that double item in the history of the World Cups: he surpassed Pelé, Miroslav Klose, Gerd Múller and Ronaldo Nazario.

But Messi achieved all this thanks to a great team. No top player is a champion alone. An extraordinary team, not only for the game but also for the spirit of togetherness, generosity, sacrifice and dedication.

Special mention also to the fans, who are the ones who make this show make sense.

We can say without a doubt that the World Cup that has just ended has been the World Cup of Brands and Great Footballers.

And we want to highlight how traditional media have been surpassed by the impact of streaming on Twitch, YouTube and Instagram, with record numbers of viewers.

The World Cup ends, where in addition to soccer, branding has been the second protagonist.

A showcase where the most prominent brands of the World Cup broke records along with the stars, Messi, Mbappé among many other prominent footballers, have generated impressive figures in every way.

In TOTEM Branding we have experience in branding in the field of soccer in particular and sport in general, and we know how to build the small big difference between knowing a brand and feeling it, because it is no longer about taking your brand to the minds of consumers, but above all to their hearts.

There are few passions like the passion of soccer. Thank you Argentina for exciting, inspiring and connecting so much.

We are passionate about soccer, we are fans of World Cups. The best team has won. And for TOTEM, this triumph also has a special flavor.

On the night of Qatar, a star came down from the sky, and it is already on Argentina’s shield, the third one.