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Real Estate

The Power of a Global Rebranding

In the dynamic landscape of real estate investment trusts (REITs), Vukile has emerged as a top player in South Africa and Spain, being one of the Top REITs in South Africa, consistently showcasing leadership and commitment to excellence. Vukile holds a portfolio of property of 52 assets (36 in SA and 16 in Spain), amounted […]

Evolving the Customer Journey, improving the Brand Experience

The physical space, which was often considered dispensable with the advent of the Internet and online sales, has been strengthened by the pandemic. More than ever we have seen the vital need that every human being has to interact with others in the physical world. While digitalization has opened up a new landscape, it is […]

An Ecosystem for People and Business to Prosper

When we received the call from Panamá Pacífico we were thrilled. It is a unique project, the largest mixed development in Latin America, connecting people, businesses and nature in a sustainable environment. With a committed, inspiring, talented team that knows the incredible opportunity and the enormous challenge it manages. The vision of the project, with […]

A new project for a brand new world

A new project arrives for a new world, in Terrasa, modernist city, vanguard of industrialization, an enclave full of history, characters and heritage, one of the most interesting cities in the province of Barcelona. Last September 22nd the great Gala 2022 of the companies Carrefour Property and Carmila was held, and we have the immense […]