Great Brands, Great Stories

A lot is happening in the world of sports, Lionel Messi has moved from PSG to Inter Miami, presented this week, Carlos Alcaraz has won Wimbledon, and this week also the 2023 Women’s World Cup kicks off in Australia and New Zealand, an event of great importance that already has more than one million tickets sold.

Behind every great sport, every great team, every great team and every great athlete, there is not only effort, sacrifice and emotion, but also a great brand.

Around the world, there are literally billions of sports fans.

The world has changed. Sport is changing, except for the essential: human emotions.

Brands know that connecting with the right emotions of people is a winning formula. At the end of the day, knowing a brand is not the same as feeling it.

There are two other environments that are also part of the sports industry and to which fans have turned upside down. One is E-Sports.

Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué created the Kings League InfoJobs, a tournament that intertwines soccer and role-playing, streamers and retired stars, players chosen in draft mode and a dizzying pace designed for the TikTok generation.

It is difficult to find another sports competition that allows so much interaction with the audience or that allows the product and the brand to be so closely integrated with the athletes or the clubs.

The other is women’s sports. The growing and booming interest is changing the way sports properties and global federations approach sponsorship. Investment in sponsorship of women’s sports rose 146%, up from 27% the previous year.

Sports idols, in addition to being their own brand, are linked to big brands:

Leo Messi has agreements with Adidas, Budget, BYJU’S, Pepsi, Lay’s, Gatorade, Budweiser, Mastercard,, Ooredoo, Mengniu, eFootball, Orcam, Hard Rock, Cirque Du Soleil.

Kylian Mbappé, with Nike, Hublot, Bulk, Goog Goût, EA Sports.

Carlos Alcaraz has contracts with Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, BMW and Rolex also with El Pozo and Isdin.

Lebron James with Nike, AT&T,, GMC, Pepsi, Rimowa and Walmart.

Venus Williams has deals with Wilson, Tide, Kraft, Electronic Arts, Ralph Lauren and Lacoste.

Alex Morgan, the top-rated female soccer player, has contracts with Nike, Coca Cola, Hublot, BodyArmor, Hyundai and AT&T.

Behind every figure, there is a story. And a great brand is a great story.

Because stories are the perfect catalyst for building brand loyalty and brand equity. When an emotional connection develops between consumers and a brand, the power of that brand grows exponentially.

At TOTEM Branding we know the passion and enthusiasm that great athletes generate and the importance of the brands that accompany them. Because emotions shape most, if not all, of our decisions.