It’s time for your Business to activate the TOTEM-Sign

All brands in all sectors and industries compete for the same four things: the attention, time, loyalty and money of customers/users/consumers. It is on this increasingly complex and exciting playing field that TOTEM Branding emerges as a beacon of differentiation. More than a name, TOTEM is a philosophy, a meticulous approach that elevates brands to a higher plane.

TOTEM Branding, a leading branding company, is proud to share TOTEMethodology™, an innovative and disruptive methodology, created from years of learning and continuous improvement, that redefines branding for the 21st century.

What makes TOTEMethodology™ unique and what benefits does it offer?

– Holistic approach: We don’t just create or transform a brand, we build a comprehensive ecosystem that connects with your target audience at every level.

– Customized methodology: Each brand is unique, so we adapt our process to the specific needs of each project.

– Experience and knowledge: We have a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals with extensive and proven experience.

– Differentiation from the competition: We help you create or transform a unique and irresistible brand that stands out in the market.

– Emotional connection with your audience: We build lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients, based on trust and loyalty.

– Improve your brand’s reputation: We strengthen the image and positioning in the market, transmitting the values and essence of your company.

– Increased sales and profitability: We implement strategies that will help you achieve your commercial and business objectives effectively.

We help companies transform customers into believers, build profitable businesses and add value to their brands, through a wide range of services encompassed within our TOTEMethodology™:

– Brand Strategy, Positioning, Management and Architecture.

– Branding 360°™ Identity, Brand language

– ToName™: Naming, Verbal identity and Storytelling.

– Brand Consulting. Creation, construction, transformation

– Wayfinding, Customer journeys, Environmental design

– Identity implementation and rollout

– Digital projects, UX/UI design, Metabranding

– Product identity and packaging design

– Sustainability, Digital Transformation

– InNOWation™: Driving growth, Future mapping and innovation.

– TOTEM Together™: Culture and Talent

– TOTEM Branding Academy™ Learning and Knowledge

– TOTEM Limitless™Innovation and Mindset

Join TOTEM on this transformational journey. If you are looking for a trusted partner to take your brand to the next level and transform into a TOTEM, you only have to do one thing: Activate the TOTEM signal.