It’s Time for your Company to Activate the TOTEM-Sign

In uncertain times, only one thing is certain: the power of a brand to get through crises and emerge stronger.

When companies in trouble ask: What is the superpower of a successful company?, the answer is always the same: a great brand.

Companies that do not know or have not known how to use the power of branding have a powerful tool to give new life to their values, their purpose, culture, talent, strategy and thus be able to generate value for people and stand out in a complex and exciting environment.

What do they have to do? Very easy, press the TOTEM-Signal button.

A call that will allow you to access the incomparable power that TOTEM Branding can apply to your brand’s needs to lead your company to a successful future.

Establishing genuine, authentic, truly human relationships between your brand and people so that your brand has a unique, outstanding and lasting positioning.

Because the superpower that companies and institutions of all sizes have today is the brand. And this is data, not opinion.

The world in which brands live is changing rapidly and it is important for them to innovate, engage and build loyalty with their audiences.

TOTEM Branding’s purpose is to create and transform brands that bring people together. And we know that the best creative results come from co-creative and collaborative work with clients.

Our clients work directly with our founders and managers whose expertise helps evolve and transform brands that change the world we live in for the better.

A powerful brand is the superpower of every successful and beloved company. It acts as a magnet that attracts talent and consumers, generating trust and loyalty. This trust translates into sales, while customer loyalty ensures a steady flow of business. The brand also communicates the company’s identity and values, establishing an emotional connection.

A powerful brand can increase customer retention by 23% and increase consumers’ willingness to pay 16% more for products or services from the same brand. In addition, powerful brands can experience 2.3 times more revenue growth than lesser-known brands.

In short, the data shows that a strong brand is a valuable asset that influences a company’s financial valuation, customer loyalty and affection, and growth.

We are global innovators, creative branding experts, brand strategists and market insiders. We cross cultures, borders and time zones using our expertise to deliver unique solutions that change brands that can change society and the world.

We transform needs into client solutions by empowering the brand to stand out in a competitive and demanding marketplace.

In tough times, a strong brand provides resilience and helps a company recover faster.

You know who to call ; )