Meet Our Team

There is no force more powerful than the union of purpose, talent, values, passion and determination. And “there is nothing more powerful than a woman who decides to stand up and fight for what she believes in,” as Malala Yousafzai reminds us.

At TOTEM Branding, we celebrate International Women’s Day every day by paying tribute to the inspiring women who make up our team.
Today we are represented by two of them: Gema and Kemmy.

Gema Paniagua is one of the most honest, passionate, talented and committed professionals in the world. Not only has she actively participated in 400 brand creation, transformation and evolution projects, but she does so with boundless energy. Her global vision, the result of two decades of work on five continents, makes her an expert in optimizing results and creating solutions. Her leadership as COO has led her to interact with more than 250 teams, who value her for her authenticity, rigor and empathy.

Kemmy Almengor is one of the most authentic, creative and inspiring professionals in the world. With more than 20 years of experience in branding, her career has left its mark. After her time at Citibank, Colgate-Palmolive, Sony and many more, her addition to TOTEM has been a gale of good vibes. Her talent and ability to connect with people make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Thanks to Gema, Kemmy, Pauli, Lisa, Sue, Kerry, Ana, Eva, Belen, Kelly, Claudia, Mar, Mercedes, Emma, Carolina, Patty, Milena, Cynthia. Each has brought a unique perspective, undeniable passion, admirable commitment and unwavering determination that has driven our collective growth and success.

At TOTEM Branding, we believe in the power of diversity and equity. We foster an environment where all voices are heard, celebrated and respected.
We recognize that progress and innovation arise from a multiplicity of experiences and points of view, and we are committed to making the most of the talent and creativity of every woman on our team.

The words of Simone de Beauvoir resonate today: “Feminism is a way of living individually and fighting collectively.”

Together, we move forward with determination toward a future where leadership and success have no gender, but the imprint of excellence and collaboration.

Today, we would also like to remember Fanny, Carlos Bisio’s partner, who recently passed away. Her spirit and energy will always continue to inspire us.