Interporc & Spanish Pork, Spain

A global rebranding for a world leader

The Challenge
Spain is one of the most competitive markets for white layer pork, leading it to an enviable enviable position that is being consolidated year after year. The existing brands needed to evolve too better reflect the organisations status and professionalism. To communicate that Pig farming has been and continues to be an activity that has been the backbone of Spain through the centuries. Our people are passionately committed to animals, people and the land.
  • In the case of Interporc, the isotype and logo were disconnected. They were simple, using too many colors which makes the brand appear fragmented. The typeface was generic, old-fashioned, and lacking in personality. For Spanish Pork, there was no personalized typographic treatment and the pig appears distorted and poorly executed. The overall impression was dated and did not reflect the professionalism and high standards of the organization.
What we did
We worked on the global rebranding of Interporc & Spanish Pork, revising its positioning, its value proposition, which as a result became tangible in the updating of the logo, the brand and the visual language.
  • Our vision for these new identities was to ensure that both brands be perceived united entities, representing a sector of great importance for Spain. A strategic sector generating employment, training and linked with rural development
The Result
We created new brands for Interporc and Spanish Pork that better reflect their role as proud leaders in the industry.
  • We built a connection between brands. The Interporc brand was evolved to better reflect the new realities that it addresses as a sector. More humane, more sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible. The Spanish Pork new brand links with the Interporc brand mantaining the style but including the national key colors that proudly associate the product with the Spain. Both brands reinforce each other, creating broader recognition both locally and internationally.
Ignacio González Monedero (Communications Manager)
“It has been a pleasure to work with TOTEM branding. An example of professionalism and thoroughness at work from the first moment to the last. There is no detail that goes unnoticed by Andy & his team. The new INTERPORC brand is a true reflection of a great work. Congratulations."
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