Grupo Sindoni, Dominican Republic

Rediscovering the magic in the brand of a delicious and much loved product

Since 1975, the Sindoni group manufactures and markets wafers filled with chocolate and hazelnut (and other flavors) under the brand Pirulin.
  • In the early 1950s the brothers Giuseppe and Filipo Sindoni created Grupo Sindoni in the city of Maracay, Venezuela. As a product it stands out for its toasted and crunchy wafer and its exquisite filling. The company is focusing its strategic efforts on issues related to the continued growth of the brand Pirulin as lovable and also to reach new consumers in each of the territories where Pirulin are present. Pirulin is present as Pirucream in the USA and other international markets.
The challenge was to transform a brand that can live up to the standard of an already well-loved product, relaunching the Pirulin brand, aligned with their 40th anniversary.
  • Sindoni approached TOTEM to create an identity that would help the brand stand out in what has become a very crowded marketplace.
Building awareness in new markets.
  • Presence in 15 countries, with the goal of reaching +20.
To enable the brand’s product range to grow, we needed to build on its iconic design. We simplified the Pirulin logotype and achieved the 3D effect with simple contemporary shapes.
  • Our hand drawn logotype brings back the spirit of the brand’s heritage. The use of metalic gold elevates the quality perceptions of the product.
The Challenge
Pirulin had strong recognition, but the brand was clearly outdated.
  • There was a need for a more contemporary, unique brand, inline with the product’s quality. Our challenge was to breathe life back into the brand and make it reflect the premium quality of the product.
In half of the markets, Pirulin operates under the Pirucream brand, especially in the USA.
  • We also updated the Pirucream brand to the new style and spirit.
A distinct and strong visual differentiator gave its products prominence, while consistency in language across the entire range maintained its core branding.
  • This balance of various factors made the brand stand out in a hugely cluttered and fiercely competitive market.
The choice of imagery, photography, graphic language and typography reflects the world of Pirulin magic moments.
The brand has succeeded in developing its trade marketing strategy with sales results exceeding: 25% increase in volume and up to 60% of incremental sales. vs. the previous year.
The second line of business, Coconut has doubled sales in the USA.
  • This results have much importance in a post-covid context of consumption contraction and inflation increase and with a worldwide recession.
The rebranding has elevated the brand's premium image.
  • At in-store repositioning, placing us in the gourmet/imported category, moving us out of the Latin/Venezuelan niche where we were previously classified.
Patricia Ocaña, Marketing Manager Pirulin
"TOTEM has been the agency chosen for the complete rebranding (look & feel) of a loved Latin American brand. Their expertise and strategic focus on satisfying business needs, following consumer and customer insights (customer centric), definitely make the difference compared to other branding & design agencies. Their ability to adapt, complicity and flexibility throughout the project, always maintaining the highest standards of excellence and quality, makes them the protagonists of a project that has just come to market and that, along with other commercial and marketing activities, is already reporting business duplication in some lines or markets. I feel that choosing them was the right decision. Undoubtedly, they will continue to be my allies (and friends) in my next projects."
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