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The digital age has made formal academic studies no longer enough to keep up-to-date. Organizations face volatile markets that require evolution in all skills. For this reason, constant training has become a requirement that the labor market brings, in search of professionals with greater skills, which are acquired in the shortest possible time.
  • Branding is becoming more and more relevant for students, entrepreneurs, professionals, organizations, institutions, SMEs and large corporations. Branding is the soul of the brand. It is not just a logo, a brand is a strategic asset for the development of any business in a global and increasingly competitive market. The most valuable currency today is not data or money, but knowledge.
UNWTO as an entity contacted TOTEM Branding Academy to be the partner to collaboratively create the first ever Branding MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) for the UNWTO Tourism Online Academy.
We created a MOOC to acquire essential notions about Branding, related to culture, talent, sustainability, innovation, positive impact, digital transformation and communication.
  • Creating value and generating engagement with target audiences.
For brands and for people it’s time to understand that the importance of not to try to be important but to do things that matter. At TOTEM we are proud to have developed the first branding MOOC for the World Tourism Organization Academy. Promoting growth, knowledge and positive transformation through online education.
  • A space dedicated to sharing our knowledge about Branding. Better brands generate better companies helping build a better society that will create a better world.
Customized programs for business schools, companies and institutions that compete with the vision that the more knowledge their managers, employees, students, teachers or other stakeholders acquire, the better.
  • The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is called Branding + innovation "Brandinnovation" and aims to define and explain why branding is so important. And a team of professors who are true references in their fields of expertise.
A collaboratively created Branding course focused on branding, transformation, talent, culture, innovation, sustainability, diversity and innovation. Such was the interest in the course that it registered participants from 65 nationalities, and is one of the most outstanding courses of the academy. The partnership between UNWTO Tourism Online Academy and TOTEM Branding is extraordinary.
  • At TOTEM Branding we are proud of this important project and we strongly believe in the fundamental importance of knowledge acquired by creating or transforming brands in the real world, and of sharing it.
Online Course
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We share branding as a tool of positive transformation for tourism and the planet. Our work and commitment is to improve the world of brands today and for those that will come after. Building a sense of connection, pride and belonging is at the core of what we do.
  • By taking this MOOC you can aspire to be a successful brand, one that instead of adapting to the future, creates it.
Natalia Bayona, Director. Innovation, Education and Investments World Tourism Organization. UNWTO
"Data such as the fact that more than 50% of young people working in tourism have no training skills, that branding is beginning to be valued as an investment and that innovation is here to stay led us to collaborate with TOTEM Branding to create the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in Spanish of the UNWTO Tourism Online Academy. An innovative project focused on branding and innovation for tourism destinations that has helped enrolled users of 65 nationalities to expand their knowledge on brand building to create value, build trust and stand out in a highly competitive market. It is a pleasure to count on TOTEM Branding and its team and to promote together growth, knowledge and positive transformation through online education."
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