Ferrovial Servicios, Global

Giving new life to the new Global Headquarters

The Challenge
We were contacted to give life to the new corporate headquarters of Ferrovial Servicios in Madrid. The company provides end-to-end solutions for city infrastructure to improve their efficiency, functionality and sustainability. Ferrovial Servicios is one of the largest and most diversified multinational infrastructure and city services companies.
  • In the last financial year, Ferrovial Servicios generated 6,995 million euros in sales, managing a portfolio worth more than 17,656 million euros. The Ferrovial Servicios brand has positioned itself as a global operator of reference, with a stable presence in the UK, Spain, the United States, Canada and Chile, with a workforce of more than 80,000 people. The company's latest operations include the maintenance of facilities and military bases for the Ministry of Defense in the UK; the maintenance of roads in Ottawa and York in Canada; and the start-up of a bicycle sharing service in Barcelona in Spain.
What We Did
We created and developed the environmental design, employee journeys, naming and signage of the inspiring new spaces of the company HQ.
  • Our aim was that each of the employees and managers of the company's divisions not only see, but also live and feel the brand and the projects carried out. The company’s HQ is where the team come together and share the great work culture. Ferrovial needed to have the best facilities and a human layout which was conducive to collaboration and teamwork. The change revolutionised the working experience. New coffee points, new relaxation areas, new conference areas, meeting areas and brainstorming spaces all enhanced collaborative working.
The Result
A workspace of the 21st century that was a huge success within the company. A new dynamic, human and attractive HQ for a global leader.
  • Ferrovial Servicios contributes to sustainable development on the geographical areas where it operates by designing and providing solutions that are efficient, both economically and environmentally, for the comprehensive maintenance of infrastructures and, the implementation of the circular economy model. The offices are now a reflection of the above.
Jesús Valbuena (Director of Communications and Marketing Ferrovial Servicios)
'We faced the challenge of renewing the look and feel of Ferrovial Servicios in our new corporate offices in Las Tablas. In record time, that is, in just a few weeks, we needed to decide the messages (read ‘moments of truth’) but also, and this is very important in every brand project, put them into practice, all in context, always frantic, extraordinary, complex... of a great work, an important move and a profound change for a large organization like ours. Therefore, we decided to have TOTEM Branding, and without a doubt, this decision was a success. The contribution of the TOTEM team was decisive to arrive with the project in a good way: creativity, attitude, aptitude, experience and craft, work capacity and empathy, initiative and know-how, the sense of responsability and the firm belief in the brand as a promise helped us a lot to make this project, in the eyes of the hundreds of colleagues who arrived at the new offices on the first day, with a very open look, simply seemed like a ordinary and simple project'
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