Building a new brand for a global leading player in the bedding market

Creating a brand known for its innovation as well as its history
  • Present on five continents, Flex Bedding Group is a Spanish business group made up of more than 2,000 people of different nationalities that seeks to become the best company in the industry worldwide. Investing in people, innovation and, in short, in sustainable global development.
We created the global corporate brand of one of the top ten largest bedding manufacturers in the world. Flex sells in 70 countries.
  • Creating alignment on the creative thinking with the strategic insight.
The Result
An identity that represents the unique and original character of the space. An identity for a groundbreaking experience, for all five senses in an incomparable environment.
  • Delivering the science behind a good nights sleep. From the most sophisticated and state of the art mattress line to mass market products.
110th Anniversary
On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the Flex brand, the company decided to make a limited edition of mattresses with copper wire. The client asked us to create Flex's 110th anniversary logo, with a design that conveys celebration and modernity.
  • Copper is an element that positively contributes to improving our well-being, Flex wanted to bring the benefits of this metal to our consumers. The logo was going to coexist with Flex and Bedding Group.
Paola Gómez Rodríguez. Communication Manager Flex Group
"In many cases it is more reliable to look at the facts than the words. It all started in 2004 and there are many years and many projects developed with this great team of ‘PROFESSIONALS AND PEOPLE’, with capital letters. Projects ranging from strategic approaches and branding, direct marketing, web developments, to packaging projects and street marketing and more that the future will bring us, and for those who I certainly hope to count on the collaboration of this great team that deals with all projects with professionalism and heart."
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