Lagoh, Spain

A new name and new identity for the biggest shopping destination in Andalucía

To develop a unique name and brand for the biggest leisure and commercial center in Seville. Lagoh is the megaspace, dedicated to leisure and shopping that seek to revolutionize Sevillian commerce.
  • With a total area of 123,500 m2, of which 100,000 m2 is commercial and leisure space, we were contacted to create and develop the name and the brand identity for this outstanding project.
We created Lagoh, a brand which reflects the local extrovert personality and the wow effect that the offering brings to the visitors and clients. The brand that has fluid organic and dimensional shapes inspired by the natural lake, the green environment, the architecture. Connecting Seville with a new world of extroversion and fun.
  • We worked on the Naming, Branding, Visual Language, Brand Guidelines, Brand Activation & Brand Environment, including a focus on sustainability, the whole family with differentiated areas for shopping, leisure and f&b.
The Result
Lagoh is a major success in the community, with extremely positive reactions from the public for this unique shopping and leisure experience.
Jose Manuel Llovet (Tertiary Managing Director Iberia Lar Group)
“Conceptualizing and creating a shopping center is an exciting process where special attention must be paid to each element. Moving from the concept to the idea and from the idea to the visual identity is not always easy. Problems, detours with no way out or unforeseen events of form and substance may appear. For this reason, when developing the branding of the Lagoh shopping center, I wanted to take no risks and for this reason we opted for TOTEM. With the certainty that counting on Andy and his team is always the most direct and efficient path to success. Working with TOTEM has been an excellent professional and personal experience, which has culminated in the creation of a carefree and close brand that has managed to position Lagoh in the minds of the people of Seville as the best commercial space where to live unique experiences.”
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