FMCG Consumer Trends

We are in a moment that consumers are more demanding than ever. They are looking for transparent and genuine companies, committed to the environment and society.

Today we present the 3 most relevant and transcendental insights about “Consumers in relation to food and drink” based on a collaborative work that we carry out in the 5 continents to understand where we are and where we are going as brands and consumers.

– “What is produced locally is what has the greatest value. “Made in …” will have a completely new perception.”

– “Nothing better than a conversation with a drink. The face-to-face meetings will be extremely valuable. ”

– “Home is the new bar, restaurant, coffee shop, EVERYTHING! We have to enjoy life.”

At TOTEM Branding we have extensive experience in the food and drink industry and in the world of FMCG, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, and we support everyone on this journey.