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22 Visions for Tomorrow

Half a year has passed since the celebration of the TOTEM LIVE 22 interviews. After crossing the halfway point of the year, in these 6 months many things have happened, many that were discussed, many that were not discussed, many that have been confirmed, many that are in the process of being confirmed, many incredible […]

Celebrating happiness today & every day

This is the week of Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year, but since when do we have to be told what the happiest day is? Everyone experiences their happiest day differently, at different times. It seems that the selection of the date of Yellow Day, according to psychologists and meteorologists, is scientifically based […]

Consumer New Trends

There has never been a more important time for brands to understand current trends in consumer behavior. As Sergio Stalman says, we have gone from a market driven by supply to a market dominated by demand: the customer has the power. This collective empowerment is getting consumers around the world to make their voices heard […]

The most relevant trends about consumers and the “new normal”

The pandemic has changed us as consumers in many ways; socially, hygienically, financially and emotionally. All these changes have to be contemplated by a brand that really wants to accompany its customers in their lives and not just be a provider of products and services. Today brands are humanized and acquire a scale of values […]

Consumers: To the Future & Beyond

At TOTEM Branding we share the top insights. This is the trend guide for the new normal. Result of a work lead by @TOTEM Branding with decision makers around the world to understand where we are and where we are heading in regards to brands and consumers. TOTEM Branding developed a mapping in collaboration with […]

Change the “Anti-Aging” culture

Over 50: the world is losing all its experience. Experience cannot be bought. Are we succeeding in retiring experience? We live in an “anti-aging culture”. This means that we seem to assume that being young is good and being old is bad. We are moving towards a world where experience, instinct and the desire to […]

Raising awareness about health & wellbeing

The health of the human being is the health of society and the planet. This week marks World Health Day. Health, physical, mental and emotional, must be a top priority for all of us. Without health there is nothing. So there is no possible justification for not taking care of the health of each person […]

Omnichannel Branding

For brands, building relationships is increasingly important than seeking transactions. And brands that connect positively with customers are consolidating communities of faithful who choose them, defend them and even better, recommend them. Companies with an extremely robust omnichannel customer participation retain on average 89% of their clients, compared to 33% of companies with a weak […]

Diversity and Synergy for CoCoCo

It is done through the synergy generated by the people of the team, with a clear focus on creating value and thus: Builds and activates brand culture Enhances creativity and innovation Involves, attracts and develops people Promotes integration and knowledge In this competitive and continually challenging world for brands, competing is fine, but it is […]

The importance of Purpose

Successful companies were founded with a main purpose, and successful companies have known and know how to evolve the purpose without losing its essence. Purpose is the reason a brand exists. It is the underlying essence that makes a brand relevant and necessary for people. Purpose sits firmly at the center of a brand’s culture […]