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Living the Total Experience (TX)

Each positive experience creates an emotional bond that strengthens the brand identity in people’s minds and hearts. Experience and branding are intrinsically intertwined. Every interaction with an employee, user or customer is an opportunity to reinforce and bring the brand promise to life. It is through these coherent, genuine and meaningful experiences that we build […]

Love for Brands that transcends borders

In the vibrant world of branding, love is the secret ingredient that transforms brands into unforgettable experiences and lasting connections. Like the romance between two kindred souls, love in branding goes beyond the superficial and dives deep into the hearts of consumers, employees, suppliers, in short, all stakeholders. Imagine a brand that embraces you with […]

A BrandCamp to Learn, Share & Breathe Branding

In TOTEM Branding we are in luck and we have great news, because from June 24 to 28, 2024, organized by TOTEM Branding Academy, the BrandCamp “Reinventing the Future of Brands” with Mr. Branding Andy Stalman will take place at ESDEN Business School. The BrandCamp, using active teaching methods such as problem-based learning, learning by […]

We All Kiss in the Same Language

Kisses, those soft caresses of the lips that convey a myriad of emotions and feelings, are much more than simple physical gestures. They are a profound expression of love, connection and intimacy between two people. Through a kiss, a unique and special bond is established, capable of strengthening relationships and creating unforgettable moments. In a […]

Brands & Dads

How important is the presence and example of Parents in our lives, teachings and learning that we apply in all areas… and in Branding? Today Father’s Day is celebrated in Spain. In these times where Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized all fields, and how and when this innovative and disruptive technology will affect all disciplines is […]

Branding’s Most Important Technology

The new AI is coming… Extended or Augmented Intelligence: the sum of natural and artificial intelligence. Combined they are powerful. Can we say that the brain, the most important organ of the human being has found in Artificial Intelligence a rival capable of making it irrelevant? Or are we facing a historic opportunity to expand […]

Meet Our Team

There is no force more powerful than the union of purpose, talent, values, passion and determination. And “there is nothing more powerful than a woman who decides to stand up and fight for what she believes in,” as Malala Yousafzai reminds us. At TOTEM Branding, we celebrate International Women’s Day every day by paying tribute […]

Pros of Adding AI + Branding

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bursting into the world of branding, revolutionizing the way brands build and connect with their audiences. This new scenario presents a challenging dilemma: how to integrate the precision and speed of AI without sacrificing the unique essence of the human creative mind? The challenge: A balance between AI and creativity, allowing […]

Brands That Go From Like To Love

I’d rather you love me or hate me with passion, than ignore me with indifference. It is not the script of a Netflix series, it is the deep desire of people, and of brands. Tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day, love is celebrated, and for TOTEM Branding love is built and lived every day. Every day is […]

#8Hugs Challenge

This Sunday is International Hug Day and we are launching an emotionally beneficial challenge for our entire community. A simple proposal for an increasingly complex world. Numerous studies support what we intuitively know: hugs are not only nice, but they are also incredibly good for our physical and mental health! So here’s the challenge: do […]