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Philosophy & Humanism

The human being & brands in search of meaning

Having a clear “why” we will be able to face all the “hows”. Something that applies to both people and brands. Simple to say, complex to do. Whenever we talk about life, we always try to find an explanation, a meaning or a purpose for it, and it is not unusual to find several answers […]

A World with 8 Billion Stories

Every person on this planet has a story. Between today and this Sunday, the 8 billionth person will be born on Earth. We immediately think it will be in China or India. However, it could well be in Madrid, Buenos Aires or Melbourne. In 1800 we were one billion. 128 years later we reached 2 […]

Brands creating value through Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Take note of this acronym: DEI. You are going to hear and read a lot about it in the coming months. What does DEI stand for? It’s 3 letters that include powerful values. DEI is how we renew and transform corporate cultures to be more diverse, equitable and inclusive in a fast-moving, changing world. A […]

22 Visions for Tomorrow

Half a year has passed since the celebration of the TOTEM LIVE 22 interviews. After crossing the halfway point of the year, in these 6 months many things have happened, many that were discussed, many that were not discussed, many that have been confirmed, many that are in the process of being confirmed, many incredible […]

Celebrating happiness today & every day

This is the week of Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year, but since when do we have to be told what the happiest day is? Everyone experiences their happiest day differently, at different times. It seems that the selection of the date of Yellow Day, according to psychologists and meteorologists, is scientifically based […]

Change the “Anti-Aging” culture

Over 50: the world is losing all its experience. Experience cannot be bought. Are we succeeding in retiring experience? We live in an “anti-aging culture”. This means that we seem to assume that being young is good and being old is bad. We are moving towards a world where experience, instinct and the desire to […]

The New World is shaped by Courage, Creativity & Innovation

“The competitive advantage of a society will come not from how well it teaches multiplication and periodic tables in its schools, but from how well it knows how to stimulate imagination and knowledge.” Albert Einstein. In an ideal world, each person would be able to do what he or she really wanted to do, which […]

Depression, the silent pandemic

“If I help a single person to have hope, I will not have lived in vain.” Martin Luther King. Depression is a silent pandemic. It is a common disease throughout the world, since an estimated 280 million people have depression. This is equivalent to almost six times the entire population of Spain. Depression is different […]

A brand is the measure of all things

“The secret of happiness is not always doing what you want, but always wanting what you do,”” wrote Leon Tolstoy. And in the TOTEM Branding team we are happy creating, building or transforming brands that bring people together. Philosophy studies the essence, first causes and ultimate ends of things. It tries to answer a variety […]