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Our World Needs Action Now

April 22. “Dear Earth, I’m Sara, I’m 11 years old, and today is your day. I am very lazy to write letters, except to my grandmother and to you. I am writing to ask for your forgiveness. I see that you are suffering and we are not doing enough to take care of you. Many […]

Becoming Net Positive, giving more than we take

Who can help us face a better future? We are facing a serious problem: the unstoppable climate change that is ravaging the world and costing a fortune. Governments can’t, don’t know how or won’t handle it. The answer to the question at the beginning is, then, business. But realistically, this effort must be shared. Both […]

Campofrío Frescos & TOTEM together for Sustainability

We have the opportunity to change the mindset of both brands and consumers. Being sustainable means being responsible with new generations, fostering healthy social relationships and avoiding damaging resources that have taken centuries to form. Creating a positive impact, not only environmentally, but economically and socially as well. Sustainability in the business world, therefore, refers […]

We live on Earth as if we have another where to go

Redesign. Reduce. Reuse. Repair. Renew. Recover. Recycle. Today is a day to reflect. To reflect and be thankful for the world we live in. We all know it is far from perfect, and it is in our hands to leave it better than we found it. Because, is there a better purpose for living than […]

Nature & Environment

At TOTEM Branding we work so that brands are increasingly aware of the consequences their decisions have on the planet and what they will mean for future generations. There is a Sioux proverb that would be great if it were present in your consciousness every day: “We do not inherit this land from our ancestors, […]

Sustainability Today

The 4 Ps TOTEM Branding believes in: People, Purpose, Profit, Planet. Sustainability is much more than corporate reputation, is essential to guarantee the viability of businesses in the medium and long term. Companies have understood they play a fundamental role in driving change and that this does not exclude value creation and profitability. However, few […]

Celebrating the Power of Nature

“The Earth is not an inheritance from our parents, but a loan from our children”. World Agriculture Day is celebrated on September 9 as a tribute to those people who work and dedicate their lives to cultivating the land in order to produce food of the highest quality for the consumption of a society and […]

Sustainable Consumers

Finally, sustainability is no longer just a consumer trend to become an essential strategy for brands. Being sustainable or not is no longer an option. The purchase motivation for a brand grows 3 times when its main benefits are combined with sustainable benefits. “Good for me” and “good for the planet” products and services will […]

Branding as the best tool for Sustainability Development Goals

A sustainable brand is one that has successfully integrated environmental, economic and social issues into the range of its business beliefs and operations. But today many companies that consider themselves to be sustainable only meet one-third of this goal. Branding is a powerful tool for a company to live and tell what they believe and […]