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Users & Retail Today

To build the future of retail, you can start by asking new questions: what will tomorrow’s customer demand? What will they want or expect from brands? What will companies be like the day after? How will the way of selling and buying would be transformed? A new age? A new retail? In this new situation, […]

Shopping Trends

At TOTEM Branding as leaders in branding for the retail sector, with expertise in solutions centered on people, and continually innovating, with sustainable solutions, the true protagonist is our customer who is at the heart of experiences. In this changing world, at TOTEM Branding we have the pride and responsibility of being one of the […]

8 consumer trends for the “new reality”

Back to school, back to work, back to a new reality. To be able to manage well in the remainder of the year and for those who prepare strategic plans for 2022 we share the 8 most powerful trends among consumers and brands in this “new reality”. 1 HUMANIZATION They look for transparent, honest, reliable […]