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Digital & Cultural Transformation

Global Icons that Transform a Vision into Reality

On a week like this in the year 1928 and 1955, two global icons were born: Mickey Mouse and McDonald’s. Two of the world’s most valuable brands, and their fans, have a reason to celebrate this week. More than 90 years ago, the world was introduced to one of the iconic characters of our era: […]

Gen Z is the Citizen of the Future

Dear marketers, advertisers, entrepreneurs, communicators, recruiters: To secure your place in the future, you have to start by understanding Generation Z in the present. When we say the future is today, what are we referring to? For us, that phrase means being able to enjoy the present while creating and improving the future for everyone. […]

The shared goal of Cultural Transformation

To improve a company you have to start by understanding human behavior. More than 80% of the initiatives fail because they do not take into account that digital transformation is an eminently cultural process. Among the reasons companies put forward for their failure to undertake digital transformation are that the internal organization is not prepared […]

Metabranding: To infinity and beyond

“Instead of looking at a screen, we will be able to live and share an experience”… This is how Mark Zuckerberg began his speech about the metaverse. For curious minds, the word metaverse is composed of the prefix meta-, which in Greek means “beyond”; and verse, referring to the universe. Apart from being able to […]