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Pros of Adding AI + Branding

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bursting into the world of branding, revolutionizing the way brands build and connect with their audiences. This new scenario presents a challenging dilemma: how to integrate the precision and speed of AI without sacrificing the unique essence of the human creative mind? The challenge: A balance between AI and creativity, allowing […]

Brands That Matter To People

Everyone who wants to reach the future sooner and more prepared knows that it is essential to create or transform their brand. Not only that, but the brand must also feel relatable, inspiring, relevant, genuine, honest and more human. In today’s business ecosystem, where from startups to large corporate groups compete for the attention, time, […]

Brands That Go From Like To Love

I’d rather you love me or hate me with passion, than ignore me with indifference. It is not the script of a Netflix series, it is the deep desire of people, and of brands. Tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day, love is celebrated, and for TOTEM Branding love is built and lived every day. Every day is […]

Feeling a Brand is What Really Makes the Difference

Companies and organizations from all sectors and industries are fighting a permanent and continuous battle for talent, and its center of operations is the HR area, which has gone from being the administrative office of the company to a strategy definer and implementer. And it is here where the strategy of a company in relation […]

Meet Our Team

Today we want to introduce you to an extraordinary person, who is not only leaving an indelible mark on the world of design and branding, but is also an exceptional human being. Graham Purnell, co-founder and Executive Creative Director of TOTEM Branding, is one of the most admirable creative minds on our planet. Graham is […]

TOTEM Live is Back Completely Live

How can we help our brain to process so much information in these dizzying and data-saturated times, which are not always well-founded and valuable? There is a fuel that we believe can help our mind to clarify the picture, to provide approaches and proposals that allow us to face the day to day and the […]

Knowledge is the New Currency!

Within the framework of Fitur 2024, the great international tourism event, at TOTEM Branding we want to take this moment to highlight the development of the MOOC we have developed for the World Tourism Organization. Hundreds of people have enrolled in this important MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). This MOOC will cost you nothing but […]

Stand Out in the World of Tourism

We are happy with the beginning of Fitur, the first annual event and global meeting for tourism professionals. And we are happy to be an active part of this great fair. How important is branding for tourism and in particular for a tourist destination? One might think that a destination, with its unique qualities and […]

Our CEO @ the Influencer Awards

We celebrate with enthusiasm at TOTEM Branding 🚀 that our CEO, together with the whole team that strives every day to create and share content that inspires and generates a positive impact on society, is a finalist in the Influencer Awards Spain!!! The recognition of our work as digital content creators fills us with joy […]

Thank You Panama!

Three years ago, TOTEM Branding landed in Panama with an unwavering commitment: to be the faithful partner of brands in their major transformations. We brought with us a wealth of international experience aimed at adding value to a unique market, right on the threshold of what we call: The Great Awakening of Brands. Throughout this […]