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Global Icons that Transform a Vision into Reality

On a week like this in the year 1928 and 1955, two global icons were born: Mickey Mouse and McDonald’s. Two of the world’s most valuable brands, and their fans, have a reason to celebrate this week. More than 90 years ago, the world was introduced to one of the iconic characters of our era: […]

6 most relevant values that Brands must reflect

At TOTEM Branding we are committed to creating and transforming brands that unite people. Because if we make better brands, we will have a better society. And if we build a better society, we will live in a better world. To live in a better world let’s create better brands. We believe we can continue […]

The New World is shaped by Courage, Creativity & Innovation

“The competitive advantage of a society will come not from how well it teaches multiplication and periodic tables in its schools, but from how well it knows how to stimulate imagination and knowledge.” Albert Einstein. In an ideal world, each person would be able to do what he or she really wanted to do, which […]

Art is when brands meet love

The definition of the word “art” is much more complete than we tend to think at first. This term encompasses all creations made by human beings to express a vision about the real or imaginary world. Art is a language that has no words, which makes it so powerful that we cannot fail to dedicate […]

Branding 5.0

We greet all the brands that have understood that if they are not off and on they will be out. The Internet has invited us as brands to rethink the way we communicate, interact, create value and expand opportunities. In this age of the internet, the brands that understood their role on and off are […]

Brand Reset

1. Review your current purpose, mission, vision, and values. 2. Be clear about the specific objective of your rebranding strategy: new mission or vision of your business, market repositioning, merger / acquisition, overcoming a crisis, etc. 3. Evaluate the strength and reputation of your brand. 4. Listen and see your customer base (current and potential), […]

Creating Totems

The most important thing about TOTEMS are the values shared with stakeholders. They do not have customers or employees, but believers, people who believe in their role in a modern society that goes far beyond the product or service. People believe in TOTEMS because they transcend the merely monetary. They make people‚Äôs lives better and […]

Brands & Belonging

Belonging is purpose, connection, empathy and most importantly is community. As a community, we have increased our judgement of values, exposing disparity and diversity in them and noting that each and one of us must show our role in the system. Community has many aspects but one that is key for people is the affinity […]

Branding Matters

Three decades ago 95% of the average corporation’s value consisted of tangible assets. Today 75% of that average corporation’s value is intangible. Corporate brand and reputation represent more than 40% of the top company’s market capitalization. A business’s most valuable asset is its good name, its brand and reputation, because behind every successful business there […]