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Becoming Net Positive, giving more than we take

Who can help us face a better future? We are facing a serious problem: the unstoppable climate change that is ravaging the world and costing a fortune. Governments can’t, don’t know how or won’t handle it. The answer to the question at the beginning is, then, business. But realistically, this effort must be shared. Both […]

A new project for a brand new world

A new project arrives for a new world, in Terrasa, modernist city, vanguard of industrialization, an enclave full of history, characters and heritage, one of the most interesting cities in the province of Barcelona. Last September 22nd the great Gala 2022 of the companies Carrefour Property and Carmila was held, and we have the immense […]

Happy sixth FANniversary!

FAN Mallorca Shopping opened its doors in September 2016. On a day like today 6 years ago. In the media it was said “Carrefour anticipates the commercial space of the Future”. The chronicles of the time collected: “We are entering the centers of the future and FAN Mallorca is a unique and exceptional example of […]

To try me is to love me

“To try me is to love me.” It sounds ambitious, and it is. Because it’s real. One of the gifts our work gives us is to collaborate with irresistible brands, like Pirulin. Pirulin, for many Pirulovers, brings back memories of irresistible temptations, of magical moments, of shared experiences. It is a beloved brand, with a […]

Branding is an investment, not an expense

In times of crisis, the cost of investing in Marketing and Branding is analyzed, but not the cost of not doing so. “Are you thinking about cutting your advertising and/or branding budget?. Do it and tell us in a year’s time if cutting your budget was a good idea.” With this message the IPA (Institute […]

Sharing Knowledge for a Positive Transformation

For brands and for people it is time to understand that the important thing is not to try to be important but to do things that matter. At TOTEM we are proud to have developed the first branding MOOC for the World Tourism Organization Academy. Promoting growth, knowledge and positive transformation through online education. The […]

Lagoh, best largest Shopping Center of Spain

We are very happy to share that one of TOTEM’s most important projects, Lagoh, has received last night the 2022 award for “Best Large Shopping Center in Spain”, given by the Spanish Association of Shopping Centers and Commercial Parks. A great brand for a great city. An extraordinary project needed extraordinary branding. The challenge for […]

From Shopping Centers to Social Hubs

You remember a third of what you hear, half of what you read and 100% of what you feel. Three years had passed since the last Congress, and the excitement of the reunion was palpable in the atmosphere. An overflowing energy of illusion in the XVIII edition of the Spanish Congress of Shopping Centers and […]

Taking the magical moments of Pirulin to the world.

Pirulin is a name that, for many pirulovers, brings memories of irresistible temptations, a brand with a long history of sharing magical moments. A unique product with an inimitable taste that is chosen by millions to be their favorite accomplice. Made to enjoy and share, Pirulin helps create special memories. Because to try it is […]

Global Icons that Transform a Vision into Reality

On a week like this in the year 1928 and 1955, two global icons were born: Mickey Mouse and McDonald’s. Two of the world’s most valuable brands, and their fans, have a reason to celebrate this week. More than 90 years ago, the world was introduced to one of the iconic characters of our era: […]