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Stand Out in the World of Tourism

We are happy with the beginning of Fitur, the first annual event and global meeting for tourism professionals. And we are happy to be an active part of this great fair. How important is branding for tourism and in particular for a tourist destination? One might think that a destination, with its unique qualities and […]

Tourism & Branding

Branding is a tool increasingly used to distinguish destinations in a market saturated with messages and offers. There is a relationship between beloved, admired and respected brands and their success as a destination. The most visited countries: 1 France 2 Spain 3 United States 4 China 5 Italy 6 Turkey 7 Mexico 8 Thailand 9 […]

Disconnect & Enjoy

Is a different kind of disconnection possible? A real disconnection? Disconnecting from the urgent to connect with the important? The best time to disconnect is coming, the beginning of the summer vacations in the northern hemisphere, and the winter holidays in the southern hemisphere. It is in these moments of exhaustion and excitement that there […]

Tourism Keys 2023

While inflation feels like a mountain before us, let’s be bold and climb it. In fact, many travelers have taken that attitude and are climbing it and are not intimidated. According to Travel in 2023 report, almost half of travelers admitted they will be more lenient with their vacation spending habits to make up for […]

Tourism in 2023 & beyond

What will 2023 hold for tourism brands? We would like to highlight the importance of branding in tourism communication strategies, be it destinations, companies, institutions or individuals. Destinations will become more and more fashionable in the future. Tourism products will have to offer something with which the tourist/traveler can associate, and new destinations perceived as […]

Happy World Tourism Day

Happy World Tourism Day to all the people who work every day to make tourism one of the coolest activities in life. On this special day we want to share with each of you the UNWTO Academy’s most outstanding branding course. For brands and for people it is time to understand that the important thing […]

Travelers & Tourism

“Our travel destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Henry Miller We present the 3 most outstanding insights on “Travelers and tourism today” based on a collaborative work that we carry out in the 5 continents to understand where we are and where we are going as brands and consumers. […]