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Un propósito y Millones de Alumnos

TOTEM Live se ha consolidado como un espacio de entrevistas muy inspirador, no solo para los extraordinarios invitados que comparten sus experiencias y visiones, sino también para la comunidad que nos acompaña episodio tras episodio. Juntos, estamos disfrutando de esta cuarta temporada, donde seguimos explorando temas de relevancia para el futuro y el presente, desde […]

Razones para no perderse TOTEM Live

La temporada 4 de TOTEM Live sigue dando que hablar, tras notables episodos con Alejandra Ravera, Isa Q, Magaly Regalado, Mariano Castro, Sonia Acosta, Sergio Gajardo, Edgardo Regatky, Pilar Montero, Ander Torinos, Álvaro Regueira, Jacqueline Mora, Laureano Turienzo, David Calle y Lolo Garner, se avecinan nuevos episodios, como todos los de esta temporada y las […]

Claves para Destacar en el Retail

TOTEM Live no es solo un espacio de entrevistas, es un punto de encuentro para mentes curiosas y corazones apasionados. En esta 4ta. temporada, seguimos explorando temas que importan, desde el retail, el futuro del trabajo y la educación hasta la innovación sostenible y el impacto social. Nuestros invitados, líderes en sus respectivos campos, comparten […]

Retail, a Pillar of Society

Retail, the Living Soul of Our Communities. Imagine a world without stores, without large shopping malls and local markets. It would be a world without the bustle and energy that makes us feel connected and alive. Retail is much more than just a point of sale; it is the vibrant pulse that keeps our communities […]

A BrandCamp to Learn, Share & Breathe Branding

In TOTEM Branding we are in luck and we have great news, because from June 24 to 28, 2024, organized by TOTEM Branding Academy, the BrandCamp “Reinventing the Future of Brands” with Mr. Branding Andy Stalman will take place at ESDEN Business School. The BrandCamp, using active teaching methods such as problem-based learning, learning by […]

Branding for the Island of Tomorrow

The island of Mallorca, a fantastic place to live and a charming destination for visitors, faces a new and exciting challenge. It is a great challenge to reposition a brand that does not have a problem of demand, but of management with the establishment of the idea of protection and regeneration of the territory. Recently, […]

10C of Success

Dear Totemites, brands and professionals: Considering these “10Cs” presented by TOTEM Branding, the chances of success in your Brand Communication strategy will experience a remarkable growth. These 10Cs become essential tools that contribute to the formation of the identity that characterizes a company or individual. At TOTEM Branding, we highly value those who communicate in […]

It’s time for your Business to activate the TOTEM-Sign

All brands in all sectors and industries compete for the same four things: the attention, time, loyalty and money of customers/users/consumers. It is on this increasingly complex and exciting playing field that TOTEM Branding emerges as a beacon of differentiation. More than a name, TOTEM is a philosophy, a meticulous approach that elevates brands to […]

Meet Our Team

There is no force more powerful than the union of purpose, talent, values, passion and determination. And “there is nothing more powerful than a woman who decides to stand up and fight for what she believes in,” as Malala Yousafzai reminds us. At TOTEM Branding, we celebrate International Women’s Day every day by paying tribute […]

Feeling a Brand is What Really Makes the Difference

Companies and organizations from all sectors and industries are fighting a permanent and continuous battle for talent, and its center of operations is the HR area, which has gone from being the administrative office of the company to a strategy definer and implementer. And it is here where the strategy of a company in relation […]