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Thank you

End of month 7, before going on vacation, we believe that in this challenging year, we are in an excellent moment to take stock, analyze, compare, evaluate, reorganize, plan and above all, be grateful. Being grateful is essential to fully appreciate and enjoy life. Being thankful for who we are, what we have achieved, what […]

It’s a good time to review what we accomplished together

Does time fly? They say that time passes faster when you are entertained and busy. “Time is not gold, gold is not worth anything. Time is life” said the wise José Luis Sampedro. At TOTEM Branding we want to celebrate living time by dedicating it to our passion: creating brands that unite people and generate […]

From Shopping Centers to Social Hubs

You remember a third of what you hear, half of what you read and 100% of what you feel. Three years had passed since the last Congress, and the excitement of the reunion was palpable in the atmosphere. An overflowing energy of illusion in the XVIII edition of the Spanish Congress of Shopping Centers and […]

We do not predict the Future, we Create it

Over the last decade, TOTEM Branding has conceived groundbreaking concepts, helped define strategies and articulate business plans, created names, experiences and products, and designed brands in multiple industries and across the spectrum. From retail to tourism, consumer goods to services, transportation to finance, real estate to technology, and entertainment to destinations. When it comes to […]