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Believing in Branding

Choosing TOTEM Branding so that your brand stops having just customers and starts having true believers can be a smart strategic decision for several reasons: Branding Expertise: TOTEM has a team of experts with extensive experience in creating and managing successful brands. They understand the fundamental principles of branding and know how to apply them […]


Dear TOTEM Branding clients, On behalf of the entire team, we would like to express our sincere thanks for trusting us and believing in our purpose and the values we share. We know there are many options in the market, but choosing us as your strategic branding partner means a lot to us. We take […]

Preparing for the 2nd half of 2023 & Beyond

Attention, time travelers! It’s time to start your well-deserved vacation. We want to motivate you to stay tuned after your return to discover the fascinating panorama that the exciting year 2024 has in store for us. Ready to take off into a universe of possibilities? Imagine a vibrant future, where opportunities unfold like constellations in […]

TOTEM Loves Panama

TOTEM Branding loves Panama and we work for Panama to love TOTEM Branding. We create, transform and build brands around the world. And we have the honor of being the first International Branding Agency with operations in 5 continents, transforming companies, cultures, processes and teams through the creation and evolution of brands that initiate operations […]

¬°Welcome to TOTEM Branding, Kemmy!

At TOTEM Branding we are happy to welcome Kemmy. We are excited that the team is getting bigger and better with your arrival. Kemmy is an expert in purposeful branding and joins us as regional partner for Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean and leads TOTEM’s growth strategy from Panama. She has proven experience in […]

We are now 5000 Totemites!

To make a person a valuable member of a community, we must first provide value. Why is building a community critical to a brand’s success? People crave community now more than ever. For businesses, this means that community is critical to success. A community is important to people’s culture and identity, as it can help […]


Today we would like to express our deepest gratitude for our clients’ trust in us and for joining us on this journey into the future of brands. Your collaboration and support have been fundamental to the success of our company and we are very grateful for it. As a company we are proud to work […]

What clients say about TOTEM Branding

“A good reputation is more valuable than money”. Marketing is what you say about yourself, Branding is what others say about you. At TOTEM Branding we help every day to create or transform brands in the 5 continents. We work with brands in different countries, from different sectors or industries and at different stages of […]

TOTEM LIVE returns

Is there a space where we can discuss, talk, philosophize, inspire about the future, work, education, entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, mental health, trends, energy, the planet, solidarity, sustainability, among other topics? This space exists, it is called TOTEM LIVE and it is the gift of great people and professionals who share with all of us their […]

Thank you for choosing us, for sharing and for believing. Here’s to an inspiring and magical 2023!

Magic, hope, illusion to continue creating and transforming better brands. There are few things, professionally speaking, than sharing the journey to the future of brands with good people, talented, inspiring, committed, creative and with good vibes. Being grateful is essential to fully appreciate and enjoy the journey. Being grateful for what we have shared, what […]