Bahía del Duque, Spain

Driving the transition of one of Europe's most awarded luxury hotels as it moves into the future

The Tais Hotels belongs to the group Compañía de las Islas Occidentales (CIO), a canary holding company with more than a century of history. They hired us to work on the repositioning of it flagship luxury hotel Bahía del Duque, which celebrated in 2023 its 30 years as a reference of the most refined tourism in the Canary Islands.
  • It’s a family-owned hotel chain dedicated to the management of independent hotels and unique resorts, characterized by its commitment to the extraordinary and its extensive experience in the luxury hospitality sector.
Bahía del Duque is located in one of the warmest and most prestigious destination of the island of Tenerife: Costa Adeje, on an extensive estate of 100,000 m² with a staff of around 600 employees.
  • It has 5 swimming pools, squash, paddle and tennis courts, gyms, a lake with various animal species and a beach along 950 meters of coastline.
Bahía del Duque has also an outstanding track record of awards and distinctions.
Starting from the old name "Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque Resort" our challenge was, without losing the essence and the successful track record and immaculate reputation of Bahía del Duque, to update and evolve the brand for the next two decades.
  • From then on, we started working on the name, becoming simply "Bahía del Duque" and developing a new strategy and the development of the brand architecture.
With the challenge as a starting point, we undertook a global review of the identity, purpose, values, mission, vision, culture, review of the Customer Journey, Brand Architecture, and as a result reviewed and updated sub-brands and created others.
  • We also conducted a global audit of all brand touch points, including signage, uniforms, amenities, cutlery and silverware, room identification, as well as updating the website, social networks, reviewing and updating digital content, among others.
We helped write the next 25 years of Bahía del Duque’s successful and exceptional history.
We created a new name for the hotel's SPA: Bahia Wellness Retreat. Repositioning the brand to something holistic and integrated to health and wellbeing.
We helped create the Alisios and the SUA sub-brand. The unique authentic gastronomic experience in SUA, a name which means fire in Euskera. A restaurant inspired by authentic Basque cuisine in a modern culinary space.
We named the beach La Playa del Duque, linking and owning the amazing atlantic beach experience.
We add the simplicity, the closeness, the empathy, the hospitality of the Canary Islands to an extraordinary, memorable and beyond expectations experience, resulting in the hotel's new slogan: Simply outstanding
Sara Morales Zamorano (Expansion & Mkt CIO - Compañia de las Islas Occidentales)
In 2015 began our exciting adventure with Andy and his team. At first, we thought he would be inaccessible since he is one of the best experts in Branding in the world, but nothing could be further from the truth since his closeness, humility and perseverance defined him from the very first moment. Thanks to TOTEM we discovered the true meaning of BRANDING in numerous projects, where we lived a real TRANSFORMATION. Special mention has his role in the repositioning of our chain The Tais Hotels and its flagship Hotel Bahía del Duque. Andy guided us in a process of analysis, creation and development of our new brand image, to reconnect with our essence and unite the online world with the offline. Thanks to TOTEM we were able to overcome many challenges where concepts such as leadership, talent, purpose, diversity, commitment and sustainability have become even more essential. For me Andy is a master in driving change, a great professional and a friend that we will continue to count on for future projects.
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