Bancolombia, Latin America

Evolving the brand of the largest private bank in Colombia

Bancolombia, founded en 1875, with a presence in Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Panamá, more than 20 million customers and 33,000 employees, was decided to undertake a process of rebranding, including brand architecture, strategy and identity to take the Group to a new level. The challenge to rebrand today for the medium and long term is never easy, yet necessary.
  • The Bancolombia brand has a history of +145 years. Constant evolution is essential for a successful brand to continue in a role of leadership. Aware that it plays a proactive role in an environment that is constantly changing decided to embrace a new rebranding. Not only to face great economic, social and environmental challenges, but to start a brand new stage of its life.
TOTEM Branding has collaborated with the Brand team of Grupo Bancolombia to develop, design, create and implement a full rebranding. This massive challenge included the brand strategy, values, mission, vision and positioning and also audience audits, reviewing the value proposition, the brand architecture for the groups brands and sub brands, and the expression of the Bancolombia brand in its regional identity from Colombia, to Panama, to Guatemala, to El Salvador, as well as key messages and brand territories.
  • Also internal culture, launching plan (internally and externally), strategic pillars, areas of growth and development, in Branding, Governance, Guardianship and an on going assistance during this exciting project.
The central idea is to represent diversity; not only that of the Bank's clients, but also that of its employees. In addition to the new image, the tone of the brand's communication was changed to make it simpler, simpler and closer; for this purpose, a new construction of audiobranding, typography and photography was carried out.
  • The new brand architecture creates a new role for the parent brand with the expression Grupo Bancolombia, which will have a presence in all businesses and all countries where it is present. The evolution of Grupo Bancolombia's identity gives expression to a new corporate purpose that seeks the well-being of all and is deployed in an ambitious program of initiatives and actions in all businesses.
Pilar Ocampo (Corporate Brand Director Bancolombia Group)
"Andy is a mind reader - really! Well, it seems like he does, but we are sure he connects with the heart. He is such a passionate professional that he connects with teams. His experience with the brand and his purposeful vision make every single thing he sets out to do (and proposes) have a meaning beyond just accomplishing what is expected as a goal. Andy and his team at TOTEM Branding help and contribute to build a better society among all of us. His simple, empathetic, transparent and co-creative way of working makes it possible for all of us to enhance brand building, taking it to a coherent action plan with a vision of the future. As a human being? We can tell you that it is incredible. And we only have words of gratitude and admiration for him and the Team."
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