Campofrío Frescos, Europe

Refining the brand strategy for one of Europe's leading food industry brands

Campofrio Frescos is the fresh meat division of the Sigma Group in Europe. The company needed to review, rethink and rebuild its strategy. Profound changes in the company as well as in shoppers and consumers behaviors and preferences demanded a new approach.
  • A company with a firm commitment to a circular economy model that is materialized in the implementation of sustainability criteria throughout its value chain. The company wanted to become stronger as a brand and transmit all that it is to continue growing with a firm purpose of inspiring a natural, tasty and sustainable diet.
Being one of the leading brands in its sector, with Campofrío Food Group SAU reaching more than 1,000 million in turnover in fiscal year 2020, Campofrío Frescos turns to TOTEM Branding to work on their brand strategy.
  • We worked in the important challenge of reviewing and redefining their values, mission, vision, branding strategy, positioning, purpose, value proposition, brand personality, tagline, communication, key messages, new opportunities and recommendations.
We developed a full project in a collaborative and co creative work with CFF team.
  • The new strategy, purpose, values, positioning, tagline, etc. is already in place, very well received by stakeholders and very specially by shoppers and consumers.
This process required an enriching Collaborative and Co-creative work between the Campofrío Frescos and TOTEM Branding teams.
  • The new image, more dynamic and modern, wishes to "make visible the pillars that will drive the company in the coming years, associated with a brand like Campofrío, which is a symbol of trust for consumers; and attributes that will be complemented by a strong commitment to innovation through the development of new ranges of products with quality of origin and flavor, adapted to new consumer trends"
Eduardo Velarde Castañeda, Marketing Director Campofrio Frescos.
"For Campofrio Frescos to be able to collaborate with TOTEM has been a success, their experience and know-how is a guarantee of success for all types of branding projects and we do not hesitate to recommend them to all companies that have within their strategy the correct development of their brands. Our work with them has been a journey of continuous discovery, an accompaniment full of learnings that has served to set the foundations of who we are and what we want to be with our brand in the future. The knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm demonstrated by their team of professionals, led by Andy Stalman, a reference in the world of branding and marketing, has been a guarantee of success for this project and we know that it will be recognized by our consumers for years to come."
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