FAN, Mallorca

The next generation of retail and leisure spaces

The Challenge
The challenge was to create and develop the branding for Carrefour Property most ambitious project on the island. It was essential to capture, and communicate the island’s uniqueness and our love and commitment with the people of Mallorca.
  • Build a strong connection with inhabitants, tenants and clients emotionally through a 360º brand experience. The goal was to become the preferred meeting place, shopping and leisure hub with authentic Mallorcan character. The aim was start a retail and leisure revolution for Mallorca. The first state-of-the-art center to be developed for the Community. FAN Mallorca Shopping represents the most important real estate project developed by the Carrefour Group in Europe in recent years.
What We Did
We developed an new brand identity, strategy, naming, digital, and wayfinding. Moments of truth, clients journeys, gamification, virtual reality, aroma branding, and audio branding.
  • As a 360º Branding development, the FAN Brand Universe is composed of: Landmarks, Sculptures, WOW moments, Interactive Digital Signage, Digital Strategy, Content Strategy, Audiobranding, Aromabranding, Mobile App, Marketing & Communication, to name a few.
FAN was a challenging project as the name needed to be understandable in many different languages: FAN is a universal name that also encapsulates the love and the shared values with Mallorca. The new brand name, FAN, changed the conversation: it was the first brand to make fan’s of their clients.
  • In addition to the 3D screens and interactive media, a pioneering app linked to Spotify that allows you to suggest the music played in the complex or augmented reality games.
The Result
The media response: "FAN Mallorca Shopping, a center for the future. When we talk about 'retail of the future' we talk about innovation. And if anything characterizes Carrefour Property as a company it is precisely that: a commitment to innovation."
  • An unforgettable brand that captures the soul of Mallorca. Connecting emotionally with guests through TOTEM 360° Branded sensory experiences. Awarded best branding and best large shopping centre in Spain by the Spanish Council of Shopping Centres and Retail Parks.
Joelle Dias (Marketing Director Carrefour Property)
"FAN Mallorca Shopping was a great challenge from the beginning, and today we can proudly say that we have achieved a new model of commercial space, which marks a before and after in the Retail world. We shared that vision from the first minute with TOTEM Branding and it was clear that no other Branding and Marketing team would accompany us and help us better than them. The passion, the energy and the implication that they dedicate to their projects is an incontestable factor of the success that we all share today. They created a powerful, current and above all human brand, which connects with its audience through various sensory experiences. TOTEM Branding experienced this challenge with the same intensity as us, they got involved 200% and together we have developed an ambitious project that integrates the latest digital trends while taking care of the offline experience in the smallest detail. Without a doubt we will repeat the adventure with TOTEM Branding, and I hope we continue sharing ideas, vision and the enthusiasm that unites us in future projects."
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