Granaita, Spain

Unifiying the largest commercial and entertainment district in the Granada province

Alameda & Kinepolis were two commercial spaces located in Granada, but part of a broader commercial and leisure area. They were not perceived as one destination but as several destinations.
  • The site was large but fragmented. The challenge was to make them all part of a united country rather than separated smaller nations. To transform the grey parking areas from barriers to bridges and connectors. The opportunity was to connect the experience under one uniting brand. Creating a new name that brought unity and personality to the space. Connecting the offer under a clear new brand and visual language.
We created the umbrella brand Granaita. A uniting brand under which several offers are connected. A more ambitious, modern, trustable and exciting offer. A reimagined retail, entertainment, leisure and social district.
  • We worked on the strategy, naming, branding, visual language, brand guidelines, brand environment, wayfinding and signage project.
A unified retail, entertainment, leisure and social district. Implementing a new umbrella brand to connect and re-energise a disjointed site through strategic brand use. A new magnet for people and tenants that responded incredible well to the change.
  • Granaita has enjoyed an increased footfall of +14%. A clear and tangible sign of how people react to added value developments.
Consistent signage creates a more connected experience at Granaita.
  • With playful and iconic site markers, clear branded entrances and clear navigation guides for guests using an unique visual language.
Pedro Díaz (Development Director Castellana Properties Socimi)
“The experience of working with TOTEM in Granaita has once again been enormously enriching and the result could not have been more satisfactory for our company. The challenge in this case has been the creation of a new brand that needed to unify those of two pre-existing centers, integrating them and giving it a new character, which sinks its roots in the place where it belongs, with a fresh and daring air and a strong personality, far removed from the usual common places in our sector. This has been achieved thanks to a team of brilliant professionals, with a lot of experience and a great capacity for teamwork, which allows them to integrate a multitude of information from both our customers through market research, as well as the various teams responsible for the management of the centers. Therefore, we will continue to count on TOTEM for the development of the corporate identities of our centers."
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