LaLiga, Spain

Transforming a football association into a leading brand in the world of global entertainment

LaLiga is a well known brand but it had an important need for consistency.
  • LaLiga publishes in 18 languages in Social Networks with more than 100 million followers on social networks, broadcasting its product in almost 200 countries, achieving a global audience of close to 3,000 million viewers.
Improving the brand for Spain's First Division of Football. Moving from a generic descriptor to an ownable neologism.
  • Some of the major goals of the project were creating a a new Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy, Brand architecture, Brand identity & Brand guidelines
The professional football league LFP changed its name to LaLiga, a term TOTEM helped to develop. The evolution has strengthened LaLiga's presence among it's diverse European competitors.
  • LaLiga is acknowledged by many as the best league in the world. The new brand strategy was built around a more unique and ownable name. The small change in the name created a big jump in the organisation’s strategy.
LaLiga NonStop, Spain
We also worked developing LaLiga NonStop: Branding a festival of Spanish football.
For the first time in LaLiga history that it was going to be played on New Year’s Eve and the first time that LaLiga didn't stop between the national festivities Christmas and Reyes.
  • Taking inspiration from the Boxing Day of the Premier League, the creation of an identity for this is proposed, taking LaLiga Fantasy’s brand architecture as a reference and starting point.
The simple, modern and global name “LaLiga NonStop” is created because LaLiga knows no limits and passion does not allow for pauses.
  • And being consistent with La Liga vision, we created a family of sub-brands and a powerful visual language derived from the brand itself that will bring it to life by generating a sense of tremendous energy and the spirit of the game.
The Result
For the first time ever LaLiga didn’t stop for the Holiday Season. It was pure Omni channel entertainment.
  • A showcase of football where games were packed into 7 days of non-stop faced paced action.
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