LaLiga, Spain

Transforming a football association into a leading brand in the world of global entertainment.

LaLiga is a well known brand but it had an important need for consistency.
  • LaLiga publishes in 18 languages in Social Networks with more than 100 million followers on social networks, broadcasting its product in almost 200 countries, achieving a global audience of close to 3,000 million viewers.
Improving the brand for Spain's First Division of Football. Moving from a generic descriptor to an ownable neologism.
  • Some of the major goals of the project were creating a a new Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy, Brand architecture, Brand identity & Brand guidelines
The professional football league LFP changed its name to LaLiga, a term TOTEM helped to develop. The evolution has strengthened LaLiga's presence among it's diverse European competitors.
  • LaLiga is acknowledged by many as the best league in the world. The new brand strategy was built around a more unique and ownable name. The small change in the name created a big jump in the organisation’s strategy.
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