Mallplaza, Latin America

Reimagining, rethinking and rebuilding retail leadership

Mallplaza is the leading shopping center chain in Latin America. It has 23 shopping centers in operation in Chile, Peru and Colombia. It receives more than 300 million visitors per year. Mallplaza has been from its beginnings a company that has always sought to innovate.
  • Conscious of the evolution in client behaviours, buying habits, enjoying, sharing and living free time, Mallplaza has decided to build a new future. This has prompted an ambitious and innovative plan to project the company into 2040 and beyond, by starting today.
Mallplaza's vision was to create another 30 years of success and value in the market and in people’s lives. TOTEM Branding was asked for its collaboration, to accompany it in the new roadmap to define the Mallplaza of the future and the pillars that will support it.
  • To continue building the MallPlaza of the future, by working on the medium and long term KPIs, the KPIs of the future. The process and methodology was structured in phases impacting new business models, new mindset, new formulas and new challenges. An ambitious innovation plan was developed achieving a positive impact on the business, the company culture and the way of seeing, thinking and doing things. Innovating increase the possibilities and opportunities to stay prominent and relevant in the sector and for people’s lives.
Once Mallplaza's North Star was defined, we moved into action to obtain relevant and sustainable results. Tactical teams were engaged to understand, embrace, share and start building the new future, so that all layers of Mallplaza (strategy, tactical and operational) were permeated and inspired by the same vision and narrative.
  • Letting the vision of the future serve as a compass to give life to a new pathway, a new culture and a new world of possibilities. To continue creating value, making a positive impact on people and helping to build a better world.
Christopher Banfield (VP of B2B Omnichannel & Strategy - CSO)
TOTEM Branding has been our best partner to accompany us in our transformational challenge. The Shopping Center industry is undergoing major changes, the first version of the internet connected information, the second connected people (social networks and Maketplaces) and the third connects the physical and digital (metaverse). In Mallplaza we have all the ambition to transform and remain pioneers, Andy and his team were up to the challenge helping us to redefine our business model from the purpose and vision, towards Mallplaza of the Future that has a North Star that allows us to navigate and evolve with a view to 2050.
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