Panamá Pacífico, Panamá

Branding Strategy and Development for the largest mixed development in Latin America

Panamá Pacífico is the largest mixed development in Latin America that connects people, businesses, and nature in a sustainable environment with multiple economic benefits thanks to its strategic location. The most impressive Master Plan in Latin America. 2,200 hectares, 800 of mixed development & 600 of protected area.
  • The objective of the project was to evolve the brand into a more inspiring, empowering, positive, creative, authentic and above all human one. A brand strategy that reflected a world-class development that is already a reality. Starting a new phase of the most organized and planned community in Latin America. And help attract international investment with a strategic location, a state-of-the-art infraestructure, tax tenefits for special activities and engage with new community members, students, families, retailers, innovators, knowmads, nature and sport lovers as well to stimulate Panama's economic growth.
We are living in times of profound and far-reaching changes. In all areas, personal, family, professional, global. Among so many changing paradigms, brands are required to play a more committed role with society, the economy and the environment. Panamá Pacífico, a benchmark, not only does not ignore changes but also transforms them into opportunities. And TOTEM Branding was tasked with helping redefine the Branding realignment with the strategic vision of the year 2040.
  • The TOTEM Branding team together with the Panamá Pacífico team worked co-creatively and collaboratively to review, update and establish the branding strategy for the next 20 years. By empowering the idea of being a world-class sustainable urban ecosystem, we defined the realignment of the strategic vision to 2040. We collaborated, co-created and updated the most essential aspects of the brand, including purpose, mission, vision, values, personality and tone of voice. Evolving and developing the strategy, 360° brand, brand language and brand guidelines, working every step of the way alongside the Panamá Pacífico team.
Panamá Pacífico needed to create a new benchmark of quality and symbol of pride for the country. A true symbol of transformation.
The evolution of the project is admirable. And it gives hope that it is possible to live better, in community, safely, connecting, innovating and respecting the environment and enjoying it. A great brand is helping to unleash human potential, promoting inimitable development, in an ecosystem for people and business to thrive, sustainably and always with people and community at the center.
  • Panamá Pacífico values: Human centric, Connectivity, Diversity, Sustainability, Generation of opportunities, Collaboration
We collaborated, co-created and updated the most essential aspects of the brand, including purpose, mission, vision, values, personality and tone of voice. Creating a strong brand positioning which will give Panamá Pacífico a renewed competitive advantage.
  • The Branding project included the audience mapping and key messages and tone of voice definitions, as well as the overall media strategy for Business, Retailers and Partners, Employees, Leadership Team, Investors/Shareholders, Future Residents, Consumers/Customers, Local Community, Suppliers/Vendors, the Media, etc. Understanding the audience to build a foundation by getting to know who they are on a demographic, cultural and emotional level. This helped develop a buyer persona for the potential customers. It was key to develop a clear vision on the value proposition, the brand territory and the brand promise.
The result we were looking for was to have a brand that evolved from Top Of Mind to Top of Heart. From knowing the brand to living the brand.
  • Jointly we established the strategy for the brand architecture, including sub-brands for the different real estate, both business and residential developments of the project, services and key spaces. We also worked on internalization of the new intangibles, company and brand culture, value chain, and the development of the OmniClient Journey. Identifying customers’ pain points and providing solutions that added value. And the roll out and coordination of the agencies and teams, from advertising, to social media, from marketing to PR, from communication to brand activation.
We have helped evolve the Panamá Pacífico brand from a real estate project to the first human city. To a place to unleash everyone’s potential. A unique experience brought to life by positive and empowering purpose, values and community. Panamá Pacífico is a creative, dynamic, collaborative, innovative, vibrant, safe, and peaceful community, where your family can grow and connect with nature.
  • From a former air base to an ecosystem of possibilities, urban and sustainable. From borders and boundaries to openness and opportunity creation. From a real estate development project to a human development. From physical spaces to emotional connections. From products and services to community and experiences. From green nature to human nature. From transactions to relations.
Brand management helped greatly in achieving: A 100.7% fulfillment of lead attraction vs. target. There was greater focus on communication at the digital discovery stage. Lead quality improved from 83% in 2021 to 92% in 2022. Focus and improvement of the customer experience on the sales floor, through company purpose.
Kemmy Almengor (Brand and Communications Director)
"Together with the TOTEM team, we carried out a transformative journey where we enabled new spaces for creation and connection. A trip where they were always present; where we create together, a collaborative and enriching experience, not only for the brand but also for the team. The experience with the TOTEM team confirms to me that the power of the great brands is promoted much more when in its creation there are people who inspire to be a better professional and also better human beings."
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