Trops, Spain

Evolving the brand of the best Agri-Food Cooperative in Spain

TROPS contacted TOTEM Branding to review and update the brand strategy for the next decade. Contemplating the positioning and the storytelling of the brand.
  • TROPS are the experts and leaders in tropical fruits, they are true pioneers in the avocado and mango market. They have been the world market benchmark for more than 40 years.
It has a production and commercialization quota of approximately 50% for peninsular mangoes and 40% for avocados. With more than 3,000 associated producers, it was recognized as the best cooperative of 2022 in Spain by Agri-food Cooperatives.
To ensure TROPS to remain as the leader, and based on a global diagnosis of the brand and its current situation, we updated the brand.
In order to prepare it to: Remain relevant and competitive in the next decade, updating the brand essence and redefining its intangibles (mission, vision, purpose & values). Also, its storytelling and communication channels.
We did a review of all the sub-brands with recommendations for improvement.
  • We worked on the global brand strategy to help the TROPS brand continue to grow in: Quality, Trust, Awareness, Reputation, Brand culture, Internal branding involving team members
We updated and refreshed to create: A new tone of voice, a new tagline, a new claim, a new implementation, a new brand architecture.
After a global review of the communication channels we defined recommended key messages & content (online and offline) taking into account the mapping and definition of the specific audiences by categories for each of the channels (both internal & external, with their specific objectives), grouping the claims by message category and focus.
In order to improve the community and tell everyone what TROPS does, we created the brand storytelling that reflects the essence of the brand, its values, benefits, objectives and DNA.
We cocreated with the client a brand strategy, a new horizon improving all the best practices and implementing new ones to complement. We also provided many practical tools, recommendations and areas of opportunity so that TROPS could put them into practice on a day-to-day basis, taking into account short, medium and long-term objectives.
The work done by TOTEM Branding ensures that TROPS: Has an updated brand platform for the next decade. With an audience realignment. An updated storytelling & tone of voice. With a new brand platform for the new decade, an inspiration for the whole organization with clarity and consistency.
Enrique Colilles Cascallar (General Director TROPS)
"Working with TOTEM is inspiring, they provoke and lead the reflection from a human, simple and clear-sighted point of view, which helps us to unify and focus the messages to be transmitted to our internal and external customers in an effective and not confusing way, causing our own organization to carry out these reflections in favor of the company's purpose symbolized by the brand."
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