Welcome to TOTEM Branding, Laureano!

We are excited to announce an exciting partnership to enhance TOTEM Branding’s value proposition! We are pleased to share that we have established a strategic partnership with Laureano Turienzo, a global benchmark in retail.

Two retail powerhouses combine knowledge, experience and talent to strengthen their value proposition.

TOTEM Branding, a leader in brand transformation and creation, joins Laureano Turienzo, President of the Spanish Retail Association and the Ibero-American Retail Circle, in a strategic alliance designed to offer cutting-edge solutions that bring tangible and sustainable value to our clients in Latin America.

Laureano, internationally recognized for his outstanding career in the retail world, will bring his deep knowledge and experience. In addition, as an author of content and books on retail strategy and a speaker in more than 40 countries, his innovative vision and strategic skills are an invaluable asset.

Not only are we delighted to welcome Laureano to our team, but we are also excited by the prospect of how this collaboration will transform the way we approach strategic projects. His experience as an advisor to the Spanish Government on the Commerce 4.0 Observatory and advisor to the Basque Government on the school of retail supports his commitment to excellence and strategic transformation.

This alliance reflects our ongoing commitment to provide our clients with the most innovative and effective solutions in branding and retail.

By choosing to work with TOTEM and Laureano, you discover how this powerful alliance can drive your company’s success in the competitive world of retail.

1. Global expertise.
2. Cutting-edge advice.
3. Strategic transformation.
4. Access to international best practices.
5. Recognized industry leadership.
6. Unique perspective on brand strategy.
7. Expertise in commerce 4.0.
8. Continuous innovation.
9. Positive impact on your brand.
10. Tangible results for your company.

We are excited to welcome Laureano. We look forward to this new chapter and hope that together we will reach new heights in the world of retail and branding. Welcome, Laureano, to the Totemite family!