Building a Better Society Through Brands

As part of our commitment to build a better society through trademarks, we are very happy and proud that TOTEM Branding continues to be present for another year on the board of INTA (International Trademark Association).

INTA is a worldwide association of trademark owners and professionals dedicated to:
– Support brands and intellectual property (IP).
– Foster consumer confidence.
– Motivate economic growth and innovation.
– Commitment to building a better society through brands.

We are flattered to have accompanied INTA’s prestigious board throughout 2022 and this November at the 2022 Leadership Meeting in Miami, which has more than 1,600 attendees.

Highlights of INTA:
– 6,500 organizations represented.
– Represents more than 34,000 brand owners, brand consultants, academics and other professionals.
– INTA members come from 185 countries.

Each member benefits from the Association’s global resources in branding, policy development, education and training, committee participation, and worldwide networking and business development opportunities. INTA’s annual meeting is the world’s largest gathering of trademark owners and IP professionals.

Some of INTA’s board members include: Amazon, Oracle, Uber, Unilever, Apple, Bristol Myers Squibb, PepsiCo, Crocs, John Deere, NBC Universal, Mattel, ASICS and Heineken.

At TOTEM Branding, we continue to support the transcendent role of INTA to continue safeguarding and protecting brands, in its role of disseminator and committed to continue building a better society.