Gen Z is the Citizen of the Future

Dear marketers, advertisers, entrepreneurs, communicators, recruiters: To secure your place in the future, you have to start by understanding Generation Z in the present.

When we say the future is today, what are we referring to? For us, that phrase means being able to enjoy the present while creating and improving the future for everyone. We need creative people who are not merely watching life as spectators, but who are committed to bringing about change for the better, because otherwise, what purpose do we live our lives for?

The future of consumption and work is already being lived today. Generation Z is the first generation to be born into a digitized society. And the pandemic has been a proving ground in which many of the trends that have been materializing over the past two decades, in almost every industry and sector, accelerated.

Generation Z are the people born in the 1990s to the beginning of the new millennium. They stand out mainly for their creativity and their ability to be self-taught. They are committed young people with a high sense of responsibility towards society and the planet.
They are demanding, think globally and naturally assume that everything is interconnected. The Internet is their primary means of communication and the cell phone is an indispensable tool. Unlike millennials, they prefer to preserve their privacy.
They are also very visual: they put images before text. 70% of Generation Z members try to buy from companies they consider ethical and are 3 times more likely than previous generations to believe that a company has a role in improving society.

Every generation has been given the moniker “revolutionary”, Gen Z has been given the moniker “disruptive”. And it is likely to end up being the most disruptive generation of all.

A recent BofA study found that Gen Z’s economic power was the fastest growing of all generational cohorts. This generation’s income is expected to increase five-fold by 2030 accounting for more than a quarter of global income. And Generation Z revenue is projected to surpass millennials in 10 years, by 2031.

For brands the next step in their marketing strategy to seduce Generation Z is to make sure they are transparent and take responsibility for any missteps.

The Z generation have no qualms about doing their research. They will do an in-depth analysis of a brand’s website, scroll through their social media accounts and read comments and reviews. Brand trust is second only to price in terms of determining which brands they will support.

And for companies that want to attract Z talent, they should know that company culture is important to Generation Z, and their brand should have the same values externally and internally. Culture must be integrated into the fabric of the brand.

At TOTEM Branding, we observe and learn from this Generation. From their behaviors, attitudes and new ways of communicating, recommending and consuming. We are convinced that learning and connecting with Generation Z will bring benefits, not only economic, to build better brands for a better world.