Humanizing Digital

The wrong question is: IA yes or IA no?

The correct one is: IA when? And the answer is, right now.

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized numerous aspects of modern society, but there is one area where its application has truly amazing effects and results.

Recently we are witnessing impressive advances in content generation by Artificial Intelligences.

Artificial Intelligence has a great potential in relation to branding, and it is one of the technologies with the most present and future, in particular the one known as generative Artificial Intelligence. With it, companies and marketing and branding professionals will be able to automate tasks and apply it to processes related to creativity. Among other things, it will make it possible to create original and personalized content.

This generates the debate.

Wrong question: Can we say that creativity is in danger thanks to AI?

Correct question: How do we do to empower human creativity with AI?

AI is today one of the most eclectic tools to obtain unique and useful information for the creative process of a branding process.

The relationship between AI and branding is the product of a necessary evolution in a world where personalization and relevance are the two keys to attract and retain customers.

Not only does AI enable enhanced personalization, but it can also automate repetitive tasks, and improve reputation management and creativity, resulting in highly personalized customer experiences.

While AI will not replace the need for human creativity and strategy, it complements and enhances companies’ ability to build strong and valuable brands for years and decades to come.

The future of branding is intimately tied to artificial intelligence, and companies that embrace this relationship will have the potential to lead the way into a new era where brands connect more deeply, intensely and authentically with their audiences.

Wrong question: Do creative industries need AI?

Correct Question: Will creative industries that know how to use AI have a competitive advantage over those that don’t?

At TOTEM Branding, we use AI, and we have learned to love and respect it. By leveraging its capabilities we have optimized, streamlined and evolved processes. We will continue to embrace emerging paradigms and prioritize the human, using technology for what it was created for.

AI, used well, is a tool for artists/designers/creatives and not a replacement for them. We see it more as a “creative co-pilot”. And into the future we are heading alongside it.

Those who don’t risk being left behind.