The most relevant trends about consumers and the “new normal”

The pandemic has changed us as consumers in many ways; socially, hygienically, financially and emotionally. All these changes have to be contemplated by a brand that really wants to accompany its customers in their lives and not just be a provider of products and services.

Today brands are humanized and acquire a scale of values ​​that inspires and turns customers into believers. People do not just buy a product, but participate and share as consumers the philosophy of a brand.

What awaits us in the future in the relationship between brands and consumers? A new space for relationship, emotion and hope. The 21st century consumer ‘will evolve’ to consume brands in a different way than their ancestors.

At TOTEM Branding we work every day with our clients so that the consumer society of the future is one of responsible, sustainable, sustainable, ethical, committed and conscious consumption.