Freedom of Speech. A Right & a Responsability

Press Freedom or freedom of expression has always been recognized as the clear concept that each individual can freely express his or her opinion, thus avoiding censorship and allowing critical thinking. Today, it is essential to apply another approach in order to understand the true value of what is at stake. Freedom of expression should be seen as the ability to express your point of view and opinion, having the freedom to dialogue with anyone, regardless of the contrariness that may come to have the same, and thus to have a greater understanding of things, a new perspective and greater progress as individuals and as a society in general. If we lock ourselves into a single type of thinking or mentality, we will fall into the trap of taking certain behaviors or events for granted without really asking ourselves the true origin or cause of them.

Press Freedom is a luxury of very few countries. And it is part of the greater freedom. The world ranking of 180 countries established by this organization points to the Nordic countries of Norway, Denmark and Sweden as the three countries with the greatest freedom of expression. In contrast, the list of the most repressive countries is headed by North Korea, followed by Eritrea, Iran, Turkmenistan, Burma and China.

We live in times of disinformation, fake news, polarization, tension and biased data, so it is very important to recover the meeting, the seriousness. Following this same line, we would like to make special emphasis on how essential it is to have freedom of the press as one of its main standards in any society that seeks progress. Since the emergence of the Internet as a platform to further connect people from all corners of the planet, we have become hyperconnected beings; and as we have all known since time immemorial: with great power comes great responsibility.

That is why journalists must know that they have our support to be able to inform people properly, and feel that they are participants and protagonists in the evolution of society. In addition, the media that truly face current affairs with the aim of informing and educating, are the media that will last the longest over the years. At TOTEM Branding we are faithful to this theory: the more value we can bring to society, to our clients, end consumers, employees and partners, the more we can say that we have fulfilled our mission, and from our own experience, the more people appreciate it.

In the week of World Press Freedom Day, we would like to thank each of you for your daily struggle for the freedom of expression we so richly deserve, and happy World Press Freedom Day to all of you.