To try me is to love me

“To try me is to love me.” It sounds ambitious, and it is. Because it’s real. One of the gifts our work gives us is to collaborate with irresistible brands, like Pirulin. Pirulin, for many Pirulovers, brings back memories of irresistible temptations, of magical moments, of shared experiences.
It is a beloved brand, with a delicious history shared throughout the lives of pirulovers.
More than four decades of sweet emotions, bringing from the love born from a secret Italian recipe.

For the TOTEM team it has been great to help Pirulin expand its horizons to new lovers and new corners of the world.
Evolving this global brand, available in more countries for a wider demand, with the same magic as always.

An unparalleled product with an inimitable taste that is chosen by millions of people to be their favorite accomplice. Made to enjoy and share, to create special memories. An affordable luxury for many, a great companion for others, a magical moment, pure indulgence.

The challenge was to prepare the brand for the coming years without losing the magic in the branding of a delicious and much loved product.
We have updated its essence, its strategy, positioning, and of course the design of the brand and all points of contact with customers: from the product to the social networks, from the point of sale to the web, from the offices to the promotional toolkits, to name a few.

You can’t measure love, yet, but other things can:
– In a context of shrinking consumption and rising inflation and with a global recession, we are seeing a +25% increase in volume and up to +60% increase in sales over the previous year.
– The second line of business, Coconut has doubled sales in the US.
– In Colombia, when they saw the new brand architecture they agreed to do an in & out which has exceeded the brand’s initial forecasts by +420% and has allowed the incorporation of coconut portfolio in the main chains in the country.
– In the brand’s TOP countries, they have reached the highest historical sales volume peak during the launch activation campaign, which was subsequently maintained.
– Social media engagement and brand searches reached all-time highs following the activation and relaunch.
– Instagram account reach increased by +463% compared to the previous month, with pirulovers steadily increasing. And the facebook one surpassed the +1,280,000 pirulovers barrier.

It is no easy task to evolve such a beloved brand and that such an evolution has been so well received to be closer to its pirulovers around the world. Pirulin tells new consumers “To try me is to love me” and the love is reciprocated.

At TOTEM Branding we are grateful to the Pirulin team for choosing us to take Pirulin to the next level together, while maintaining the essence of the brand. We are proud to share these Pirulin milestones in this exciting brand update. A brand that brings the world one magical moment, one bite at a time, with love.