We live on Earth as if we have another where to go

Redesign. Reduce. Reuse. Repair. Renew. Recover. Recycle. Today is a day to reflect. To reflect and be thankful for the world we live in. We all know it is far from perfect, and it is in our hands to leave it better than we found it. Because, is there a better purpose for living than that? The fact of being able to say with certainty that we have done our best to leave a better legacy to our future generations than the one we started with?

May 17 marks World Recycling Day, or dare we also call it RRR Day. Rather than the roar of a tiger or the purr of a cat, the latter description has more logic than you might initially expect, as each ‘R’ refers to:
1. reduce. The consumption and use of products.
2. Reuse. To reuse products and give them a higher and better utility.
3. Recycle. Transforming waste into new products, to achieve a reduction of new materials.

Especially in the business world we love, and rightly so, to talk about the circular economy model, since it is committed to a more sustainable production and consumption model, in which raw materials are kept longer in the production cycles and can be used on a recurring basis, thereby ensuring that less waste is generated. Taking the opportunity to quote the great Lavoisier, we will say that the ultimate goal of the circular economy is that in nature nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. By using sustainable strategies such as this one, we will become a planet less dependent on new raw materials, and more precursor of innovative ideas to reuse what is already used, and move away from the “use and throw away” mentality.

As has been mentioned in previous publications, TOTEM Branding always relies on facts and not just simple sayings to defend and strengthen its expositions.
The mass production of plastic began in the 1950s, and to this day some 7 billion tons of plastic waste has been produced worldwide. Less than 10% is recycled. Before the pandemic, the main pollution problem in our oceans was single-use bottles and packaging; however, new times bring new opportunities and also new problems, in this case we are now suffering from a new type of pollution: that caused by masks.
Masks have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, about 129,000 million disposable masks are consumed every month in the world, but according to the report “IV Sociological Study: The problem of garbage in nature”, two out of three citizens still do not know or doubt about the container where they should be discarded.

The benefits of recycling are diverse, and we would like to emphasize those more focused on business processes, so that, in this way, if you ever have the opportunity to make an important decision, do not forget to keep in mind these points to defend more solidly its foundations, in addition to helping to make the world a better place to live:

– Educate new generations to take care of the planet.
– Social awareness is created.
– Allowing the creation of new products.
– Preservation of natural resources.
– Reducing the volume of waste and the pollution it generates.
– Saving energy.

Happy World Recycling Day from the entire TOTEM Branding team. Remembering that recycling is not an obligation, it is OUR responsibility.