A brand is the measure of all things

“The secret of happiness is not always doing what you want, but always wanting what you do,”” wrote Leon Tolstoy. And in the TOTEM Branding team we are happy creating, building or transforming brands that bring people together.
Philosophy studies the essence, first causes and ultimate ends of things. It tries to answer a variety of fundamental problems about questions such as existence and being, influencing other branches of human knowledge, such as science, religion and politics. This overlap between disciplines is due to the fact that philosophy is a very broad discipline.

Branding is made up of several elements and usually refers to the sum total of the value of a company, considering tangible and intangible aspects such as its products, services, talent, reputation, values, communication and culture.

There is an important relationship between philosophy and branding. Philosophy is about human beings, their existence, their behavior. In the same way that branding has to understand and decode the human being to take it to another level. Philosophy generates more and new questions. The mission of good branding is to make consumers have the answers.

In TOTEM Branding we believe that with a good company philosophy, and with a good branding we have two fundamental assets to stand out in a market very saturated with noise and multiple messages where many of them do not have a good concept support. The mission of branding is that a consumer is clear about the philosophy of a brand so that the benefit is the greatest possible for all parties. “”Loving someone deeply gives us strength. Feeling deeply loved by someone gives us courage.”” Lao Tse. We love and feel repaid in love by our customers. We have the courage to power through everything, together.”