Brand Reset

1. Review your current purpose, mission, vision, and values.
2. Be clear about the specific objective of your rebranding strategy: new mission or vision of your business, market repositioning, merger / acquisition, overcoming a crisis, etc.
3. Evaluate the strength and reputation of your brand.
4. Listen and see your customer base (current and potential), the market, your competition, and our changing environment.
5 . Define what parts of your business should be stable and what should change.

Why is Branding so important right now (and always)?

A good brand is essential to building a business that stands out and is successful in the long run. Well-designed branding strategies and storytelling go a long way, but now that the business world has changed, communicating clearly with customers, internal and external, and sending consistent and consistent brand messages has become even more important.

These are ten things we re-learned from branding during the pandemic:

1. Branding is never an expense, it is always an investment
2. Competition for talent will continue to drive brands toward greater social purpose
3. Employees and Consumers want greater business participation in the public sphere
4. More closely match the purpose and the product or service in terms of performance, convenience and experience
5. Guarantee a “significant difference”
6. Make retention a priority
7. Develop a deeper understanding of cultural contexts, trends, and lifestyles.
8. Increase the relevance and value of brand positioning and brand experience.
9. Promote humanization based on values
10. Formulate a long-term transformation plan