Omnichannel Branding

For brands, building relationships is increasingly important than seeking transactions. And brands that connect positively with customers are consolidating communities of faithful who choose them, defend them and even better, recommend them.

Companies with an extremely robust omnichannel customer participation retain on average 89% of their clients, compared to 33% of companies with a weak stake of the omnichannel client.

Customer service data indicates that by improving your service, you can also increase revenue. A great experience is key to establishing a repeat customer. To reap the full benefit of these experiences, companies must deliberately design engaging, inimitable, and sensory experiences. This transition from the sale of services to the “sale” of experiences may not seem easy to undertake but in the long term it gives positive results.

To reimagine the experience, managers must undergo a deep dive into a mindset shift. The preferences and shopping behaviors of connected consumers continue and will continue to evolve, and prioritizing their needs, embracing a culture of innovation, and enacting a strong set of digital skills throughout the organization becomes critical.

At TOTEM Branding we believe in the omnichannel experience to improve the image of companies and ultimately provide customers with a complete, satisfactory, round experience.