Creating Totems

The most important thing about TOTEMS are the values shared with stakeholders. They do not have customers or employees, but believers, people who believe in their role in a modern society that goes far beyond the product or service.

People believe in TOTEMS because they transcend the merely monetary. They make people’s lives better and so they make money; and not the other way around.

Today, post-modern tribes no longer just follow brands, they join them. Loved brands are the TOTEMS around which we gather to celebrate, to share, to enjoy, to recommend, to experiment, to learn, and so on. Many companies today are worth more for their brands than for the other tangible assets that were always taken into account.

A TOTEM is consistent. It connects with people, it makes them part of its history. The digital transformation in the business environment demands to create a new organizational culture where people believe in the reason for the existence of the TOTEM because it transcends the merely monetary, it makes people’s lives better.

Building a meaningful and relevant TOTEM is not an easy task. There is a big difference between knowing a brand and feeling a brand. A well-known brand produces a behavior, but a beloved brand generates a commitment.

At TOTEM Branding, creating and building a TOTEM with a sense of connection, pride and belonging is at the center of everything that we do.