Branding must not be perfect, it must be authentic

Knowing a brand generates behavior, loving it, engagement. Creating commitment is never easy but it is worth every second of time invested.

Buying is an act of love with brands, because you choose that brand above all others. These brands have put relationships before transactions.

Emotions drive buying decisions, not logic. Emotions take precedence, the universe of intangibles that materializes in feelings.

Forrester studies corroborated that emotions are an essential element of the consumer experience that brands must address to establish meaningful connections. Consumers’ emotions have a significant impact on their behavior.

If we are what we feel, the emotional connection between a brand and a consumer is as essential as the smartphone battery. Creating more positive experiences, and maximizing them can forge lasting relationships; allowing them to reach those emotions.

Today’s customers need brands to understand them, pamper them, care for them, customers are looking for love from brands and many brands don’t reciprocate.

The ideal formula evolves from “like” to “love”; it is an inexorable cycle that can only lead brands to desired territories.

In the consumer’s life, everything passes, experiences remain. Emotionality is the new realism of a new economy, for a new world.

We feel love for our favorite brands. That emotional bond that is established and unites us with family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, is also established between us and the brands and products that surround us.

There are many brands to which we could apply the qualifier of TOTEM or brands that truly reach us, connect, inspire and excite us.

The great challenge for brands is to learn to love their customers, to transform what until now has been routine into positive feelings and emotions.

How you make people feel is part of your brand.

In the end, the person who chooses you is made of experiences, emotions, passions, dreams and hopes. It is made of love.

TOTEM Branding loves its totems and clients. Love, not only externally, but mainly with those pillars that make the company unique, the people who make it up.

Let’s not forget the essential: we are what we feel. With apologies to the Beatles, all we need is not love, but without it, what is the point of relationships?