Celebrating happiness today & every day

This is the week of Yellow Day, the happiest day of the year, but since when do we have to be told what the happiest day is? Everyone experiences their happiest day differently, at different times.

It seems that the selection of the date of Yellow Day, according to psychologists and meteorologists, is scientifically based on the analysis of the emotions of thousands of people during this day.

In addition, this week says goodbye to spring, and welcomes summer, but only in the northern hemisphere. This corresponds to the phenomenon known as the Summer Solstice. Does the south also exist?

There are several reasons to take into account to label Yellow Day as the happiest day of the year. Always talking about the north, of course. These relate to:

– Rising temperatures and daylight hours. The rise in temperature is usually good for the body and sunlight has a great effect by activating serotonin, known as the hormone of happiness.
– Vacations and longer days. The planning of trips and days of enjoyment with the family considerably increases the mood.
– And finally, the summer work schedule and the extra pay are other reasons to make this the happiest day of the year.

At TOTEM Branding we do not want to celebrate this date, but happiness as an ambition, as a positive state, as creative energy.
We believe that good branding is a generator of happiness in people, both inside and outside organizations. When a brand reaches the heart of a person, it achieves a positive effect, it establishes genuine, authentic and trustworthy bonds.
To create more human brands that improve people’s lives, brands that contribute to improve the mood and generate positivity, creativity and joy.

According to color psychology, this day is associated with yellow because it is a color that symbolizes enlightenment, sunshine, happiness, optimism, positivity, fun, intelligence and creativity. It is no coincidence that it is our color.