Celebrating the Amazing Power of Hugs

“A hug is an encounter in the universe that is endlessly repeated.” Gustavo Benzecry Sabá.

Last Saturday, January 21, was World Hug Day, we want to share today that for us every day is a day to hug.

The world is chaos but it is also wonderful. Because the world is what we project. To the question Can we change the world? The answer is obvious: of course yes. Small details, gestures and things repeated over time that become a habit, make our relationship with the world different.

If we change our environment, we are changing the world. At TOTEM Branding we are convinced that hugs can change the world.

A hug brings security to those who are part of it, especially in babies, giving them the necessary confidence. Added to this, the pleasure of generating dopamine and serotonin that the brain secretes; This reduces stress and increases calm.

Numerous studies have confirmed that hugging favors the immune system. When embracing, oxytocin (a hormone related to pleasure) is secreted, serotonin and dopamine (responsible for a good mood) are released, which generates a pleasant feeling of harmony and fullness, a dose of well-being for the body and soul.

A hug reduces stress, blood pressure and heart rate, improves blood flow, stimulates growth hormone in children, lowers the chances of dementia, provides feelings of security, energy and strength.

The physical contact of hugs contributes to improving couple and family relationships, fights insomnia, reduces tension and increases self-esteem, stimulates the development and survival of neurons, being able to prevent and reduce diseases.

Some studies have shown that hugs not only improve the quality of life, but also promote longevity, stimulate the senses and help control appetite.

People who don’t get hugs frequently develop a heart rate of 10 beats per minute compared to those who experience this expression every day. The absence of hugs can contribute to the death of neurons. Likewise, the lack of this affection can trigger negative habits such as eating abundantly and uncontrollably, smoking or consuming alcohol in excess.

Surrounding and hugging a person provides comprehensive benefits to the human being, this simple act must become a regular practice to start every day. Eight hugs of six seconds is the minimum for oxytocin to impact the brain so that we establish deeper bonds of trust and generosity.

One of our goals is to humanize the world of brands. The hug is the metaphor of what good branding is for the brand+customer relationship. Mutual affection, reciprocal. The hug makes both parties feel special, relevant, important, loved.

At TOTEM Branding we want to celebrate this humane and necessary attitude and gesture in these times. We propose hugging at least 48 seconds each day, 8 hugs of 6 seconds each. If we spend an average of thirty hours a week checking and checking emails, let’s use at least 48 seconds a day to hug. Hugging defines the human being, makes us more generous and enhances trust.