Sharing Knowledge for a Positive Transformation

“Scientia potentia est” is a Latin aphorism meaning “knowledge is power”. We proudly share that the United Nations World Tourism Organization has chosen TOTEM Branding to launch the first Branding MOOC for the UNWTO Tourism Academy.

Businesses, academia and institutions already assume that knowledge is not a pose or a fad. It is about exchanging information, ideas, experiences, to grow more, but above all to grow better. Branding is becoming more and more relevant. For students, entrepreneurs, professionals, organizations, institutions, SMEs and large corporations. It is unlikely that a person, a company or a destination can create value and be successful without a clear branding strategy. A brand is a strategic asset for the development of any business in a global and increasingly competitive market.

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is called Branding + innovation “Brandinnovation” and aims to define and explain why branding is so important. And a team of professors who are true references in their fields of expertise.

A Branding course focused on branding, transformation, talent, culture, innovation, sustainability, diversity and innovation.
Such is the interest aroused by the course that it has enrolled students of 65 nationalities, and is one of the most outstanding courses of the academy.

The most valuable currency today is not data or money, but knowledge. Aware of this, we have spent years spreading the importance, relevance and impact of branding in the lives of people, companies, education and society. Driven by the passion of sharing knowledge, the TOTEM Branding Academy was born.

A space dedicated to sharing our knowledge about branding. Customized programs for business schools, companies and institutions that compete with the vision that the more knowledge their managers, employees, students, teachers or other stakeholders acquire, the better.

This high quality learning experience is available to all and is aimed at those looking to improve or complement their current skills to adapt to this fast growing and evolving industry.

At TOTEM Branding we work every day and believe that our job and commitment is to improve the world of brands today and for those that will come after.

You can join the TOTEM and UNWTO MOOC “Brandinnovation” at this link: