Tourism Keys 2023

While inflation feels like a mountain before us, let’s be bold and climb it. In fact, many travelers have taken that attitude and are climbing it and are not intimidated.

According to Travel in 2023 report, almost half of travelers admitted they will be more lenient with their vacation spending habits to make up for a lack of travel in the past two years. The main reason? A whopping 72% report that travel will always pay off with the mood of travelers shifting to “bold adaptability” by 2023.

And if we have travelers with a travel attitude and predisposition to do it, what are brands doing to be on the radars, plans and minds of those who travel?

This is where the importance of Branding in Tourism communication strategies comes into play, be it a destination, companies, institutions or individuals. The brand will continue to be vital.

Destinations will become more and more fashionable. Tourism products should offer something that the tourist/traveler can associate with, and new destinations perceived as lesser known develop an associated value.

The brand is a tool, not just a marketing one, increasingly used to distinguish destinations when the market is saturated with messages and offers. And also to choose which destinations we want to reward with our presence, our time, our attention and our money.

It also means that the people in the destination play a role in contributing to the values, experience, reputation and mindset of the tourism brand. It is not only what can be seen or done but also what to experience, discover and feel.

We are increasingly aware and we prefer to connect with responsible, sustainable, human and genuine brands.

Always starting with purpose. Purpose is the reason a brand exists. It is the underlying essence that makes a brand relevant and necessary to people. Purpose sits firmly at the center of a brand’s culture and affects every decision. Create loyalty, affinity, commitment and connections with your employees and customers.

Following for the people who give life, meaning and feeling to the purpose.

The phygital or that constant mix of physical and digital experiences, and vice versa, will also be a growing trend in this new year. Omnichannel yes or yes.

The search for sustainable tourism will continue. In other words, it is about promoting tourism that is respectful of the ecosystem, with minimal impact on the environment and local culture. And that it be sustainable economically and socially.

Just as well-being and the improvement of the quality of life are driving the trips of 2023.

– You will see the rise of the “culture shock” tourist.

– More people are embracing completely new experiences on their travels, but still want wellness as the main driver of their trip. This includes general wellness, spa, relaxation, and spiritual journeys.

– The most attractive destinations for should offer relaxation, exploration and inspiration.

– Well-being and improving the quality of life will drive travel.

– Technology will be a priority and omnipresent.

– “Work from where I want” is the new “work from the office”.

In 2023 it is more than advisable to work focusing on improving the relationship with employees and customers, redefining the strategy for a new type of demand, understanding the motivations and needs of travelers.

Travelers and tourists will increasingly value brands that have a clear commitment to the environment and people and that apply corporate social responsibility actions.

At TOTEM Branding we are clear that 2023 is the year of Branding for tourism.

We know there’s a mountain ahead, but we choose to climb all the way to the top, and it’s great. Don’t miss your ticket to the future.

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